Verge’s Guide to Holiday Party Menswear

It’s that time of year when we all go a bit crazy in anticipation of free food and alcohol at various festive parties. I would normally be sifting through various invitations to here and there but the most important ones are: the office party, the family/friend party and everyone’s favourite – New Years Eve.

Office Party

Now, as it’s only 1 more week until Christmas, most of you have already attended your company parties. For those who have yet to endure a night with people you try to avoid in the office, here’s a tip. Don’t pay too much attention to your outfit. You’ll probably be going straight from the office so you can leave the leather trousers and bondage gear at home – it won’t impress the receptionist you’ve been drooling over and Halloween has past.

You just need to dress comfortably, the alcohol will be flowing and within 30 minutes, no one will care. Simple.

Top tips: Don’t wear a tie, leave it at home. White shirts are a no no, go for something smooth like a navy blue shirt. Go for black shoes, if something spills on them, they won’t stain like brown ones.



Noose and Monkey 

Family & Friends Party

Where it gets a bit more fun is the family & friends party. Now, for these gatherings, no one will judge what you wear. Therefore it’s the perfect time for you to don the infamous Xmas jumper. If you don’t have one, buy one. You can be guaranteed that someone else will thus upstaging you.

Top tips: Even though it’s family and friends, put some effort in, you probably won’t see them for a while so instead of jeans go for grey wool trousers. They will compliment any crazy Xmas jumper you may fancy wearing.


Marks and Spencer

New Years Eve

This New Years Eve, I’l be DJing at a lovely cocktail bar in Warsaw Poland. Like most NYE events, it has a theme which is 1930’s chic. So I’ll be wearing a bespoke tuxedo with a funky bow tie. This kind of outlook to NYE is always the best. If there’s a theme, dress accordingly but add a bit of your own personality to it.

Top tips: If there’s no theme to the night, then go as expressive as you want. It’s your night, the one night when you can go crazy.




Noose and Monkey