Verge’s Guide To Eyebrows

Ah eyebrows, the thought of tackling them can make even the toughest cookie crumble. The many questions we ask ourselves when it comes to eyebrows is hilarious and very few of us get it right the first time. Is there such a thing as the perfect brow? We either make them so thin that they are invisible or we make them so thick that they take up the majority of our faces. We’ve all been there; the times where our brows are not in synch with the rest of our face. Let’s put a stop to the nonsense and make 2018 the year of the perfect brow.

Shaping is key. We cannot emphasise this enough, if you get the shape right the rest will follow. There are two fundamental keys to shaping: getting the right measurements and angles that suit your face and staying away from the cheeky tweezers. Tweezing too much is the most common road to non-existent brows. It’s so easy to just pick up the dangerous tweezers to tweak here and there…don’t! Find an eyebrow shop you trust, wax or thread and leave it be! Getting your brows done professionally can ease the responsibility of the DIY, and it’s always best to leave it to those who do it for a living.

Finding your eyebrow genie is also essential for keeping those brows on fleek. Ask any girl with great eyebrows, theres always a brilliant technician behind them. It doesn’t have to hurt the purse either, it’s so easy to find reasonably priced eyebrow technicians these days. A lot of people swear by threading but it really depends on the look you’re after. If you’re in the process of growing your brows and just want to neaten them up waxing is the best way to go; asking your technician to just clean up the strays and neaten the unruly will get you the best results. If you’re looking to shape then threading is the most precise way to get your arch perfect. Remember to be specific about what it is you want to achieve – treat your eyebrows with just as much care as you would when getting a new haircut; don’t want uneven ends? Say so!

Pencil, filler, gel and concealer are all eyebrow beauty must-haves. It’s important to find the right shades for your skin tone and also the right brushes to apply. Eyebrows that are too light or too dark can be a disaster, it’s so crucial to get that balance just right. You want your eyebrows to either match or be just slightly lighter or darker than your hair colour. If your hair is jet black then you want to go for a dark or deep brown, if your hair is a light brown you should look at a light brown to match and if your hair is a dark blonde or red/ginger you should aim for a light brown to compliment it- some brands do specialised colours for specific hair colours so lookout for those! If your eyebrows are naturally quite light always find a filler/gel/pencil that either matches or is slightly darker, only slightly! There is nothing worse than dark brows where they don’t belong. Finding the right concealer is also important to compliment your brows. A concealer that is to light or too dark can throw off the whole balance and can look quite strange. Concealer should match the skin tone so that it accurately conceals all the parts you want hidden. Concealer is a great way to neaten up brows, even if there’s a few stray hairs ruining the shape. Never wear too much concealer, just use enough to shape the brow on both the top and bottom and be sure to use a small precise brush to do so for the best results.

Trimming your brows is important to ensure that the shape and final result is as perfect as can be. Those over-grown hairs can really be annoying when trying to get the right shape. Remember to ask your technician to trim away those pesky hairs so that it’s an easy road to perfect, beautiful brows!


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