Verge’s Breakdown of the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards left plenty of conversation starters after this years broadcast.  To Miley Cyrus’ many wardrobe changes, grateful acceptance speeches, tears and even an announcement for the 2020 presidential campaign, this years VMAs left many of its viewers with plenty of mixed feelings.

Miley Cyrus started out the awards show by stating [the VMAs hadn’t] “had a host for the last two years – a tradition they’ll probably return to immediately following tonight’s show. No, I have literally done everything on the VMAs stage, and none of it showed that I was qualified to host, but here we are.”

Miley Cyrus’ most conservative outfit of the night.

With the advertisements coming up to the VMAs, people were aware that the VMAs would be completely different, and if not yet “trippy” due to Cyrus’ colorful social media and fashion choices.  And lets not forget the infamous collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs.

Kicking off the awards show, Nicki Minaj opened with colorful costumes and choreography for “Trini Dem Girls,” only to go into a surprise duet with Taylor Swift, snuffing their previous twitter feud.  This singers sang “The Nigh is Still Young” and then transitioned into Swift’s “Bad Blood”, both wearing red sequined gowns, with a major approval from the audience.


Minaj and Swift may have showed fans there was no feud between the two singers, but Minaj set her eyes on the VMA presenter, Miley Cyrus when accepting her award for Best Hip-Hop Video for her single “Anaconda.”  Minaj boldly called out Cyrus for shining a negative light on her in a press interview and the debate still lingers whether the outburst was staged or actually intentional.

Later in the night, after taking a hiatus from performing, Justin Bieber made his way to the stage to perform”Where Are U Now” and his new single “What do You Mean” where Bieber ended his performance in tears after flying over a crowd of young fans.

The Weekend and Tori Kelly both gave solid performances, making many in the audience dance (and yes Kanye was one of them) along with Kelly receiving a standing ovation which was well deserved. Among many of the other lively performances throughout the night, Macklemore, Demi Lovato  (with a surprise appearance by Iggy Azalea) and Pharrell Williams, who was a heavy favorite for his strong and empowering act, “Freedom,” gave outstanding performances outside of the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles.


But the most talked about artist of the night, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Winner, Kanye West, left many of the VMA viewers a little confused with his acceptance speech.  Ironically, Taylor Swift presented West with the award and added in her own quirky remarks to the infamous 2009 incident between the two artists, when Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video was interrupted by West who said that Beyoncé deserved the award. To end his speech, Kanye announced that he would be running for the 2020 presidency, which we are not sure how serious West actually is.  But in all, it created quite the buzz as this years show did all around.


With having some pretty amazing performances, the VMAs left viewers a little mixed due to some very awkward moments, skits and lets face it, lack of clothing from this years host.  From Nicki Minaj’s blunt call out to Miley Cyrus, Rebel Wilson’s “police brutality” strip, Justin Bieber’s tears, multiple drug references, to Kanye’s acceptance speak which seemed to miss the mark, the VMAs left “so many feels.”





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