Verge’s Artist of the Week: David Bowie

Today the artist of the week is a bit of a throwback for us, but we can never forget what the man with the face painted with the iconic lightning bolt has done for the music world. I am talking, of course, of none other than David Bowie, who just last night made his greatly anticipated return with his first single off his new album, Blackstar. Taking a plunge back into the space theme, “Black Star”, the first single off his new album with the same name, was released with a 10 min long music video on YouTube. The video, with the latest on Major Tom, the fictitious astronaut frequently referred to in his music, excited fans everywhere with the return of weird Bowie! Many fans believe this to be the last part in a trilogy of Major Tom starting with Space Oddity to Ashes to Ashes, and ending with the ethereal Blackstar.


The British pop icon has always been pursuing his interests of drama and art. This new video, loaded with religious imagery and art history references, is also the opening song for “The Last Panthers”, a crime television series currently being aired in Britain and France marking Bowie’s first return to Music Television in 2 decades.

“Blackstar”, the single, is able to be listened to on Spotify now. The album, Blackstar, will be released on Bowie’s 69th birthday, January 8, 2016 as one of over 20 albums in his career spanning over 4 decades of acting, writing, and performing.

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