Verge Visits China with Huawei P20 Pro


Smartphones, we all have them. We all love having everything we need in the same place at the same time. Our phones can be our worst enemy, our best friend and our PA,  but what is it that we look for when picking our next obsession? We did the math and figured out what exactly it is that we love about our phones and why we pick them.

We’ve all seen the hype; everyone grabbing the latest smartphone and one of the first things they look at is the camera quality. We are all guilty of betraying our brand loyalty for the latest phone with the highest pixels. Has anyone really investigated it and asked the true question that is: do we really need DSLR’s and can smartphones actually be a smarter investment?

We all have our favourite tech companies and some of us even go as far as to have a serious brand connection; but we must admit that sometimes advertisements for the latest releases do turn our heads a bit. Phones now have the ability to be able to capture moments within seconds that have a quality that we could only dream of. Although a large portion of us waste the phone’s ability on selfies, we’ve all fallen for the hype and decided that only the best will do.

Brands like Huawei have changed the game by releasing products that have a real shot at going up against the well known professional camera brands, but what gives them the advantage? Is it the simplicity of using a phone rather than having to take out the camera and make all the necessary adjustments? The idea that we can finish sending a text or an email, open the camera app, focus or adjust and then tap the screen to take a picture, all within a fraction of the time, has to be a real declaration that the future we all imagined is now (we’re still waiting on the flying cars).

Another large factor that goes into picking our next device is how easy it is to use. The worst thing in the world has to be getting a new phone and having no idea how it works or even how to turn it on. Sometimes companies can get so excited about all the new features on their new gadget, that they forget the simplicity element that people will always gravitate towards. There’s nothing better than knowing all the ins and outs of your new device, without having to google or phone a friend (if you can figure out how to do so…). All in all, despite all the features that are available, what’s the point in investing in a gadget if you can’t understand it? After looking at an array of devices, we definitely have a list of our favourites that are simple, easy to use and does what it says on the tin – we’re sure this is the same for the majority.

The final and probably the initial key in picking a phone is the look. We’ve all been victims of picking the phone that is the shiniest and causes that twinkle in your eye; and we all enjoy when the phone looks just as good as it did on TV. Can the look of the device outweigh the technicalities of it? Although a lot of phones tend to look pretty similar these days, there’s nothing better than a clear screen, lightweight feel and some form of metallic finish.  After, it feels like, a million tries we think we’ve found our perfect fusion of look and ability.

The Huawei P20 Pro seems to be the heavenly combination of all three of our key points. The brilliant quality of a 40MP Light Fusion camera, the simple yet effective software and battery life of Kirin 970 Neural Network Processing Unit, and the sleek and impressive 6.1” Huawei FullView FHD+ quality screen. It’s become a new favourite of ours and has earned our full admiration by delivering in every aspect. Huawei are able to look into the minds of the consumer and make all of our needs a reality. There’s no better phone to travel with, work with or relax with. Finally, we have a phone that has conquered the triple threat.

Recently, the Verge team took an incredible trip to China to test out the quality of the phone and we just had to share the unedited images so you can see it with your own eyes.