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A great pair of ripped jeans can cost a fortune, but Verge has found some great alternatives that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for more rips in your jeans than your purse, be sure to check out ASOS and H&M. ASOS has clothes from tons of brands but their own brand ripped jeans look pretty great and come in different sizes and shades for girls and guys! Starting from £32, we recommend paying ASOS a visit before heading down a pricey road. H&M are great for ripped clothing in general but they’re jeans are both high quality and reasonable prices. Starting from £20, you can get a great pair of ripped knee jeans that will last a while! They’ve also got some great stone washed denim too that you can easily rip yourself.

Flannels, or “checkered shirts”, are a great way to glam up any outfit. Whether they’re rapped around your waist or long line, they’re definitely the way forward. Primark has been getting better at stocking some amazing finds lately, but if you’re looking for a definite result then ASOS and H&M are the way forward. Also, Uniqlo have some great colour combos for a great price.

Whilst the weather is still a bit dodgy, we’ve found the best place to stock up on bomber jackets are ASOS and Uniqlo. You can get a great bomber jacket for £40, and they’re great quality. ASOS provides you with a wider variety and thickness, but we’ve found that you can get a decently thick bomber for around £35 – and some have incredible embroidery if you’re feeling special.

Everyone needs a good hoodie in their lives. There are many dimensions to the basic hoodie and ASOS are great at finding them. From the long line to the oversized ASOS has them all. From £28 and up, depending on the brand, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit you. Uniqlo have mastered the basic hoodie/jumper – they start at £25, they’re thick and neutral, so they go with pretty much everything- definitely a smart investment.


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