Ah, the wonderful world of dating. It is both terrifying yet exciting, full of highs and lows. There’s times where we feel like the most attractive thing to grace the earth, and then there are the other times where we feel like potato sacks. There are some key factors to the dating world and we just got some key tips from one of the best. In honour of his new dating campaign with Union Square Aberdeen, we sat down with Spencer Matthews to discuss some of his top tips in the world of dating!

You’ve had an incredible television career so far; from Made In Chelsea and The Bachelor UK, to more recently winning the Channel 4 series The Jump! How has becoming a well-known figure been for you? 

Made In Chelsea was a fun experience and has opened so many doors for my career.  Most importantly the Jump is how I met my gorgeous wife Vogue, so I count myself incredibly lucky!

This year has been an incredible year for you from getting married to the birth of your son (huge congratulations from us at Verge), any tips for the new dads out there?

It is really busy all the time, for both me and Vogue. Vogue also works very long hours as she is a model and television personality – to be able to handle a kid as well, is nothing short of a miracle and any new parent will know! You get everyone piling in with ”do this, do that, don’t do this” but we are doing very well. Our eight-week-old now sleeps through the night, so we are doing just fine.

Even though you’ve already won the dating lottery already by being married, what’s your go to outfit when date night pops up? 

Something you feel comfortable in, don’t dress up overly fancy to impress your date. They need to get to know the real you – my go to is jeans and a nice shirt and shoes depend on the location of the date.  For a relaxed first date trainers are always a good go-to, just make sure they’re clean!

What’s your top don’ts when being on a date, any tips for the guys that never get it right? 

The first date location is key. Somewhere with various options and activities is great, that way you have time to get to know your date, what they want and what they like. Shopping centres are perfect, as they aren’t too intense for a first date. You can grab some food, catch a film or do a spot of shopping. Some even have wall climbing or crazy golf if you want to be a bit more adventurous.

What about must do’s for girls, what can ladies do to keep the date flowing? 

For first dates, everyone is always going to be a bit nervous but when you click, you won’t have to force the conversation or work hard to keep the date flowing. My best advice to anyone on a first date would be keep calm – your date will be nervous too – and to be upfront and true to yourself.  Also, choosing an exciting activity for a date means that the conversation won’t get stuck in those boring interview-like questions that so many first date can fall into. 

Can you give us some details on a bad date you’ve had?

I can’t think of any terrible dates, but I think you can tell if you’re going to get on or clash during the first few minutes. That’s why choosing where you go on a first date is important. 

What about flirting, is there a flirting formula? 

Definitely not a formula, if you hit it off with someone you can tell and it should be easy! If you like someone you’d probably want to impress them, I found myself trying to impress Vogue a lot when we met on the Jump.

No one wants an eager beaver! How long do you wait until scheduling another date? 

If you like someone enough, just give them a text the next day! There is no point in waiting about. You should just be honest with your date, don’t ‘ghost’ them either!

Creating the right atmosphere on a date is essential, where are some of your favourite places to take your special someone? 

It’s been a while since I’ve taken someone out on a first date, but I always think somewhere very open and in public – sitting across from someone at a restaurant is always daunting. Somewhere with multiple options under one roof is always a great shout. Shopping centres actually play well into this, Vogue and I recently visited Union Square shopping centre in Aberdeen on a trip up North, which is packed with great restaurants and even had a cinema. During these colder months, it’s always great to have indoor activity options to keep warm.  

Food can be a tricky one, never want to be too messy or slurpy, what are the best foods to pick on a date?

Sharing a pizza is always a good option and you get to know someone by their toppings. Something relaxed, or grab a hot dog and snacks to take into the cinema with you!


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