Verge Talks F1 Esports with Pierre Gasly – Torro Rosso

Q: I hear that you’re a bit of a gamer as well. So how did you get into gaming yourself?

Pierre Gasly: Well, I think I’m from the generation who grew up with gaming.  I started when I was a kid, like five, six years old playing with Mario Kart (which is really like, back in the days) but that’s how I started and I just loved it. And then after, I played a bit of Confluence Macro Rally. Then Formula One. But yeah, I’ve always loved gaming and have always played.

Q: So it all looks really in depth, obviously as an outsider – who drives just drive regular cars at 60 miles per hour max – but how does it affect your performance or how does it help you in real life?

Pierre Gasly: Just to give you an idea, before every race weekend we go with our team and with my engineers from the track. We go to Red Bull racing where we have the simulator and we do one full day before each single grand prix. So it’s good for us to just try many different things in terms of setups before we get there. So we do like one day, which is more professional work. But then after I get back home, I also have my own.

Q: So you play after you come back?

Pierre Gasly: Well more for pleasure. It’s more because I enjoy it and I really like  it. In the end, we don’t have any testing between the races. So our way to train is basically to do it on the simulator.

Q: I hear there’s a gang of you guys who are gamers now (the F1 drivers)  so do you race against them regularly?

Pierre Gasly: Well, I don’t really race online, but I know some do. Some do it and I know some do it really regularly.

Q: So who are the gaming addicts out of the guys that you know?

Pierre Gasly: Well, I will say Lando (Norris) by far, yeah, Lando clearly. Lando and Max (Verstappen) I know play really often together. I think they’re really getting into it.

Q: Who’s the best out of them? I’m going to get you in trouble now (lol).

Pierre Gasly: I didn’t ask them, but I know they’ve won a race together recently. I know Max (Verstappen) spends a lot of time in the simulator, Lando (Norris) as well. So for the people that want to follow him, they can watch him at Twitch.

Q: You can’t miss him with that hat.

Pierre Gasly: (Laughs) Yeah, exactly. I saw that. I saw that. I think it’s pretty stylish.

Q: So finally, what do you do outside of racing and gaming? How do you  get yourself in the frame of mind to relax from racing?

Pierre Gasly: It’s true that with all the races, all the traveling, we don’t spend  much time at home. I’m between Italy and France all the time. I go back to France, I try to just spend time with my family. I have four brothers, so we’re a big family,

Q: You’re the youngest?

Pierre Gasly: Yeah, i’m the youngest. But I just try to spend time with the family and with my friends back at home. I’m also quite the sport addict and I like to play football

Q: Who’s your team?

Pierre Gasly: PSG.

Q: So what type of music are you into?

Pierre Gasly: More American rap. I actually like all sorts of music. It really depends on my mood and depends on what I do. But I use music to really get into my zone before racing.

Q: Is there a certain artist you listen to?

Pierre Gasly: Um, 50 Cent?

Q: Oh you like 50 Cent? Is there a certain song?

Pierre Gasly: Candy Shop?

Q: Candy Shop?!

Pierre Gasly: Ah I don’t know, It really depends on my mood. When I travel, I listen  to classical music, for example. It just relaxes me. I listen to some pop, French rap too, like everything. It just really depends on the moment.

It’s been great meeting you and great interview and it’s great to know more about you.

Pierre Gasly: Now we have to do the same with you, you’re going to tell me all the stuff you do!

(Laughs) This interview is over. But no, thank you very much buddy.

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