Verge tackles cancer – all you need is a postcode

Today on World Cancer Day (4 February 2019), Dimbleby Cancer Care has launched the UK’s first Cancer Care Map for family members, friends and patients seeking support and advice services following a cancer diagnosis. 

The map aims to support the 51% of those who are unaware that emotional support services exist in the UK, despite 49% of those with cancer struggling with mental health issues as a result of their condition. This platform is especially important for the 20% of family members seeking help on behalf their loved one – nearly 3 times more likely than someone searching for services on their own (7%). 

The map was created by the charity over the last year and provides patients and family members or friends with a directory of cancer-related services based on their postcode. The idea came after Jonathan Dimbleby ran into difficulty looking for support and advice services for a friend following his cancer diagnosis: 

Five years ago, a friend asked me to find cancer services for his wife. I realised very quickly that this was frighteningly difficult to do, and that there was no comprehensive resource to help me. At Dimbleby Cancer Care, we wanted to create our own site to ensure make sure that nobody facing cancer, goes without the care they need; all you would need is an internet connection and a postcode.

By 2020, one in two people in the UK will have had a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.2 That’s 27.6 million people who may not know where to find cancer support groups in their local area and 27.6 million people who won’t receive emotional or wellbeing support throughout their cancer journey. 

For more information, you can access the Cancer Care Map at

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