Verge Speaks with Jade Avia, Elevate Breve’s New Ambassador

Recently, Verge had the opportunity to speak with lovely and talented Jade Avia.  Jade is Capital XTRA’s breakfast show co-host with Kojo, and is currently the ambassador for Elevate Breve’s new coloured speaker range -  In an interview featured below, the Verge Team spoke to Jade about her time with Elevate Breve, her love of music, and her extremely busy schedule.

Once you’ve finished reading about Jade’s enviable lifestyle, and make sure to check out the new Elevate Breve coloured speaker range!7

Verge: The Elevate Breve Portable speakers have just been introduced in colors to let people express their individuality. How do you express your individuality?

Jade: I think one of the main things that expresses my individuality would have to be how I look. I take a lot of pride in how I dress, and obviously my hair is different to a lot of peoples as it’s so big and bright. I really think you should just be yourself! If expressing yourself through your clothing or your look is what you want to do then I think it’s really cool; it’s definitely how I express my

Verge: The speakers are also great for a reflection of personal style; how would you describe your style?

Jade: That’s a difficult question! You know I’ve realised [my style] changes with the seasons. In the Summer I want to wear anything bright; reds, greens, yellows, but now we’ve gone into Autumn I tend dress warmer. Though in general, I think I do try and stay bright by adding at least one bold item to my outfit everyday. So, I guess I would describe my style as colorful – I struggle to find black in my wardrobe!

Verge: What’s your favorite part of the new Elevate Breve Portable Colored Speakers?

Jade: My favorite part of the speaker has to be that it comes in different colours. My room at home is white and red, so the red one goes with my room perfectly. I also love how high the volume goes and that it speaks to you! When you connect it, it will say “connecting,” and it always makes me laugh. The speaker is so portable too; it fits in your purse for when you’re on the run. It’s a great quality speaker and it’s so reasonably priced.

Verge: Are there any upcoming album releases we should be aware of that you’ll be blasting through your speaker?

Jade: I’m definitely looking forward to hearing Fuse ODG’s album that is out very soon, but at the moment I’m really enjoying Gorgon City’s album Sirens; it’s amazing. They combine a 90s vibe with soulful vocals, especially on one song, ‘6 am’ whereScreen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.08.15 AM they’ve meshed jazz with a bit of Chicago twang and English house music.

Verge: The Elevate Breve is great for people constantly on the go because it’s so portable, and from broadcasting to hosting and everything in-between, you must have an awfully busy schedule! Can you give us a little insight about how you handle time management?

Jade: I would be nowhere without my diary; I literally cannot live without it. I even have my breakfast radio show scheduled in my diary every morning even though I know that’s where I have to be! I have a really great team I work with as well who help me out quite a bit. It’s also very helpful to me to workout after my show, as it helps me kickstart my day again. I really do enjoy working out and training at the gym.

Verge: In your opinion, what’s the best kind of music to listen to to relax after a busy day?

Jade: I love House music, and generally I like House music that has a nice mellow vocal. For example, I like Gorgon City, FKA Twigs, The Weeknd, and Drake and Sam Smith.

Verge: I’ve watched a bit of “Lipgloss and Candyfloss” and I love how honest and open you are! Have you always been so outgoing?

Jade: I think I’ve always been quite outgoing and opinionated. I think it’s important to let your opinion be heard, and if it’s popular, you’re going to have people listen to you in the future, and be inspired by you. We should allhave the freedom to speak and be honest. I’m a person who respects honesty a lot, and I feel that I’ve been able to achieve much of what I have from just being myself. I don’t try and be anything that I’m not..The same thing goes for my radio show and Lipgloss & Candyfloss; I speak just like I would speak to my friends

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.07.03 AM

Verge: What advice would you give young women looking to excel in careers in media?

Jade: My advice would be to stay strong, stay determined, support other women around you, have a dream, and believe in your dream. If you are skilled in your field, and you are the best that you can be in that field, then there is nothing that says you won’t be able to achieve your goals. It’s about believing in yourself and being positive. Obviously you need to put in a lot of hard work, determination, and focus. I really do believe you can accomplish anything you want. I think it’s very important to be yourself and follow what you believe in.