Verge Sits Down With Stereo Kicks

The team at Verge were lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Charlie from Stereo Kicks. After getting to the final 5 in the X-Factor,  Charlie chatted with us about the ‘reality’ of reality TV and what it’s really like to be an X Factor success. Read on to see what Charlie has to say about his experience on the show, who’s the joker of the group, and what Stereo Kicks plans are for 2015.



 Stereo Kicks did really well on the X-Factor! Could you tell us a bit about your experience on the show?

Charlie: The experience, from the room audition to the live shows, was incredibly long compared to what people people see. The whole experience ran four to five, maybe even six months, but ever single minute was great. I absolutely loved it.

Do you think people recognize how long the process of X-Factor is?

Charlie: No, I don’t. They film the room auditions and the arena auditions months and months before they’re actually shown. The stage and arena auditions aren’t even the first stage for many people, there can be upwards of four or five auditions before hand making it an incredibly long process.

That must have been incredibly exhausting! How does it feel to be finished filming?

Charlie: The day after we got kicked out I was doing interviews and press shows and found the time to sit down and just thought, “Man, it’s all over.” After that really, really long experience it’s all over. It was a mix of emotions; disappointment, a slight relief because I have a bit of my life back. It feels really weird when you get kicked off because the long process that’s taken half of your year has just come to an end.

Now the X-Factor has ended, we’re dying to know what the plans are for the future of Stereo Kicks?

Charlie: We’re going to try and make 2015 our year. We’re trying to get a record deal and produce a few singles, with our plan being to do the tour to see where it goes from there. It would be amazing to get a record deal because we’re definitely staying together.

Your fans from the X-Factor will be very excited to hear that!

Charlie: Our fan base has grown so much and so quickly since bootcamp, which has helped us so much by really giving us a confidence boost.

What has been your favorite part about the X-Factor experience?

Charlie: If I had to pick one moment, I would say it was bootcamp. It was our first performance, and I think our best performance, which really was the beginning of Stereo Kicks. Definitely a shared favorite moment throughout the group.

Can you describe a few members of Stereo Kicks for us?

Charlie: The funniest member is James, he’s really wacky. Tom is the “daddy” of the group, he answers all the e-mails and does all the organizing, he’s the most mature basically, but can have a laugh as well. Jake is definitely the lazy one; he actually just tweeted about being the laziest one in our group. I think I’m the baby of the group, where Tom is the dad of the band, I’m the kid of the band. I’m the youngest one, being 14, I always goof off and misbehave.

If you had one piece of advice to give to someone looking to advance in the music industry, what would you say?

Charlie: Without the platform of X-Factor, I feel that most people fault on effort. You need to be able to put in 200% 24/7. Smash it on Twitter, smash it on Instagram, and smash it on YouTube. YouTube is key, if you make it, millions of people will see you. Gigging is key as well, getting your name out there, the more you try the more successful you’re going to be.

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