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VergeInfluencers.MorganMorgan Lynzi is a life and style vlogger, television host, producer and self-acclaimed Global Girl Next Door. You may already recognize Morgan from Verge Magazine, alongside this Ms. Lynzi has hosted for big names like Teen Nick and Seventeen. Morgan Lynzi is no doubt going places. Earlier this week we sat down with Morgan to discuss her career, her goals, and her inspirations.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What did you grow up wanting to do? How did you find your calling?

Oh, the big question first. Maybe I should of copyrighted #GOALS back when I was 7 because I wanted to be a actress/model/writer/magazine editor/obstetrician. The desire to be a multi-hyphenate has become far more realistic and focused, but has not dissipated over the years (sorry med school). If anything, it has become stronger. I think we’re all born with something that pulls us forward and keeps us curious and interested in what we can do and create with our lives—for me that “pull” has always been being able to create, tell and share stories and experiences with a large audience. I was such a creative nerd in school I lived for speech, skit, and video projects. When the other kids would moan I was already planning how to turn a presentation into my golden moment on “stage”. So unsurprisingly, here I am. A host, producer, actress… And still adding to the list.

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Who have been the most influential people in your life?

My mom has definitely been the most influential person in my life because she has always supported my ideas and fed my curiosity in ways that really helped to build up who I am today. She surrounded me with an incredible amount of creativity and some of the best examples of self-expression. In elementary school she’d to take me to museums, art galleries shared with me global cuisine, books on positive thought/self improvement, and great films. Her ability to find a way to make positive things happen in the face of adversity has rubbed off on me and I really am thankful for that. I think if there is one trait to start to learn from someone it’s grit. Knowing how to push through confusing and messy bits of life and still be positive and productive is an amazing tool.

She’s followed by Oprah, a bunch of actresses, my 4th grade teacher Mr.Burns (I remember sharing Destiny Child’s The Writings On The Wall for show in tell in his class…I don’t know how he could keep a straight face for that), awesome men in T.V./film I’ve met along the way who have been mentors (Hi Martin Von Ruden), my manager because she has transformed the way I think about this business in such a short amount of time, and Tavi Gevinson because she is a vision of the “new dream” that all young women are capable of creating for themselves.



What have been the absolute high points of your career and the lowest?

I can’t quite call this a low-but I definitely feel that I felt incredibly lost the moment I realized that everyone I had thought had the answers around me in entertainment was just as lost as me. The Internet has changed the way we as millenials consume content and I spent a lot of time blind to that. I was stuck on a track of “audition and you wait for someone to give you “permission”” to be a personality/presenter/actress/creator etc. I laugh at my mentality now because It’s absurd to think that is true when we have YouTube, blogs, and other social media networks to really give ourselves the OK. We have the full power to put ourselves in front of the biggest audience ever and build our own brands and share our own messages. Once I realized this everything changed. I’m creating my own style/lifestyle content on my channel, hosting and producing my East Meets West pop culture webseries that is released every week on ISAtv, guesting on some awesome networks, taking meetings, auditioning, and really enjoying growing my personal brand.


Ultimately, I think everything is about perspective. I could easily say “oh last year was terrible” or “today was the best”, but I prefer to just see both as equally valuable. It’s all lessons and growth.


What does it take to really break into making a career out of social media? What would be your tips for people that want to do the same thing?

Well first off we’re in this together! I’m still quite new to the world of social media, but one thing I know (and am still working on) is that consistency is key. You have to be committed to posting and interacting on each social network you are using. It sounds crazy…but growing your social media presence is pretty close to a full time job. Top Youtubers, bloggers, and influencers didn’t get those numbers from posting one tweet a week, doing one video a month, or by not investing time in making sure their content is stylized, useful, though provoking, or funny. You have to be engaging, and committed.

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What have you yet to pursue but want to?

Hmm…That is a long list. I have creative journals filled with the answer to that, but I will save you the word count for now. In the meantime you can check out the I am currently putting into motion now like my global pop culture web series East Meets Morgan, and the original style content on my YouTube channel.

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If you want to get to know Morgan more, you can also find her here:



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