Verge Sits Down with LeRoy Sanchez

One of our favorite new artist’s, LeRoy Sanchez, was just a kid writing songs in Spain when producer Jim Jonsin (T.I. “Whatever You Like”) discovered him on YouTube. His debut single “By My Side” was released on January 27 by Rebel Rock and Interscope Records.

We had a great time getting to ask him some questions.



As a child growing up in Spain what were your musical influences?

I listened to a lot of Top 40 radio growing up which was mainly influenced by the American and English top hits.


Why did you start playing music?

Since I was little I always felt a strong connection with music. Music gave me a feeling that nothing else could — I would get chills and feel so much emotion when listening to a song.  I’ve been singing since I can remember and then one day I picked my mothers guitar and I tried to teach myself how to play it.


Why didn’t you move to Miami when you were signed to Rebel Rock? 

I lived in South Florida (close to Miami) for almost three years with the Rebel Rock family. After developing my skills in a professional studio I decided it was time for me to move and start looking for different inspiration somewhere else and I thought LA was the perfect place to continue my journey.


What’s your life like in Los Angeles? Do you get to enjoy it or are you busy/on the road?

LA is great. What I love the most is the versatility you get when it comes to music and to work with other musicians and writers. I’m constantly working or thinking about working and that was my main goal when I decided to move to LA, I was ready to work.


What inspires you? 

Everyday life. Just being in the car looking through the window, standing in my room with my guitar… The intimate moments with myself are those that end up inspiring me the most. It’s when I’m able to have a conversation with myself, quietly, away from this crazy world we live in. That’s when I get to explore the deepest corners of my mind, pull ideas and thoughts out and organize them onto a piece of paper or a song.


 Who are some of your favorite artists?

James Morrison, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Emeli Sande, Adele… I could keep going on and on forever.


What kind of a writer are you? Do you write a lot of music that you don’t’ use?

Depends on the day and the kind of session I’m in. Sometimes I start writing down things I really want to say and then build the music around it. Other times I’m in sessions where I have to write something even if I’m not inspired. So I pick my guitar and I start playing some chords and spitting melodies. My attention span is very short when it comes to writing like this because I can do this for hours and not stick to any melody at all or find that great melody right away. It all depends.


Did your vision for your first album change as you were working on it or did it come together really easily and exactly how you wanted it?

It was one of the most complicated things I had to figure out as an artist. I moved from Spain when I was only 18 years old knowing very basic English and an offer to work on my music. I remember I just wanted to sing and have fun with it. It was a long process to figure out who I was not only as an artist but also on a personal level.


What are your immediate plans for touring etc.?

At the moment I’m on tour with Kate Voegele until the end of February and then I’ll jump into the High School Nation Tour again in April.


What are your goals/ambitions for your career?

I kind of just got started with my career so there’s much to do. But my first goal is to release an album and share it with my fans that have been waiting for a long time.



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