Verge Sits Down With Jon Vinyl

Jon Vinyl is a phenomenal new artist that is breaking boundaries and capturing the hearts of many. His latest single “Star-Crossed” is ticking all the boxes for us, and we’re sure it will become a playlist favourite for many- so we couldn’t resist picking his brain and finding out what exactly makes Jon Vinyl tick!

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

I’m from Toronto, born and raised. I’ve been making music for about 6 years but I released my first single ‘Nostlagia’ at the end of 2017. When I was younger listening to music was always a huge part of my everyday life, hearing it day to day slowly inspired me to try creating. I kept going consistently and now here we are.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

I typically find my inspiration from my own personal experiences as well as the people around me. I find writing lyrics based on things that are actually going in in my life help make my music more relatable. I hope that people hear my music and can relay it to their life.

What artists would you say inspire you the most?

 Miguel, Frank Ocean, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Samm Henshaw, Leon Bridges are all artist in listening to on a daily basis.

Performing is key for an artist, where’s your favourite place to perform?

At the moment my favorite place to performance is in my home studio because I’m the most comfortable there.

Is there anything exciting in the works?

New music is definitely on the way. I’m planning to release an EP before the end of the year.

Tell us about what your latest release “Star-Crossed” means to you?

“Star-Crossed” is something I genuinely believe we can all relate to. It’s based around a contemporary love story, with the idea that the person who cares the least wins. This record is about dropping all of the games and really showing how you feel.

What’s one of the key messages you want to get across in your music?

My key message in my music that unintentionally seems to be a recurring theme is positivity. Letting the listener know that it always gets better and to keep their head up.  

Do you have any advice for other up and coming artists starting out  in music?

The number one thing I would say to up and coming artists is to really put the time in to work on your craft.

Check out Jon Vinyl’s official music video for “Star-Crossed” via YouTube below!

Didn’t think we’d forget all the streamers out there did you? Find “Star-Crossed” on Spotify below, and be sure to show some love on all other streaming platforms!