Verge Sits Down With ‘Ghetts’

Justin Clark, better known as “Ghetts,” is currently touring the UK promoting his incredibly emotional album Rebel With a Cause.  Prior to the start of the tour, Verge had the opportunity to speak with the Grime artist about his new video, tour, and inspiration.

clLwDkjI9htSMriBMQNJhCyBoavP9w4tSEU_i4ofhG4,nmig4wAh60YRrQpe3x5zCTETAZf3d-VbcxKPhztmhEAVerge:  We fell in love with ‘Fire Burning,’ it’s a very emotional song, can you tell us where you found the inspiration for it?  Or perhaps a little history behind the song?

Ghetts:  Honestly, I was just talking with my mum about family history and what not.  I’m very close to my gram, she’s the head of my family and she came from Jamaica back in the day and came and built a life for herself here.  It was inspirational for me to think about her leaving somewhere she was used to to come here and work and pay two mortgages; it’s amazing to me.  So, I wrote a song about the working people being the heroes, especially in today’s day and age where people worship celebrity life on Twitter and Instagram; I wanted to remind everyone that the working people are the heroes. 

Verge: Your music goes from being very grimy to having guitars on it-quite a broad spectrum!  When you’re writing, where do you draw inspiration from? 

Ghetts: Because I like so many things, it’s not me deciding “what angle” I want to take my songs to “make sense.”  People may find it a bit weird that one minute I’m keeping it grimey and then the next minute I’m not, but it’s because I’m able to, and I feel like I shouldn’t have to choose one thing.  I love Grime and what not, but at the same time, Grime came into my life when I was 16, but I loved music 16 years before that.  I just try and incorporate all of my influences into my music and then sit down and figure out how to incorporate my music into an album.

Verge: What can we expect from The Rebel Tour?

Ghetts: Honestly, it’s just going to be a sick show.  It’s going to be filmed, and I want people to leave just feeling exhilarated and excited.  I don’t want people to feel that once they’ve seen me once, they’ve seen it all; it’s never going to be the same thing, every time people come to see me, it’s going to be an amazing show.


Verge: What would you say sets “Rebel With a Cause” apart from previous albums you’ve released?

Ghetts: The most uncomfortable thing as an artist is releasing something that people may not find “hard.”  This is my truest piece of work, the most honest, I wear my heart on my sleeve the whole time.  If I were to meet someone and could no longer speak, but wanted them to get to know me, I would give them “Rebel With a Cause.” 

Verge: Can you leave us with a piece of advice for students who are looking to follow their dreams of careers in the music industry?

Ghetts: I would tell them to make sure, that even when times get hard, to enjoy it and live in the moment.  Sometimes I haven’t lived in the moment because I’ve been stressing so much, and I look back in hindsight and I regret not enjoying the experience.    Just live in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing, it’s the most important thing.

Watch Ghetts’ new video for “Fire Burning” here 

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