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Personally, I think one of the best features about the first film was the appeal to both parents and children. As is the case with most Disney animated movies, they make sure to put jokes that will entertain children and then ones that only the adults might find themselves chuckling away too.

It is then very exciting to be at that age where I am able to enjoy both parts of it. The hype around this film, from people my age is wonderful to see. It is nostalgia hitting us hard. I also love when it is a film that everyone is excited about. Even my own mum is constantly asking me for updates about its release because she adores the first one. The Incredibles was a true family movie.

I am very grateful to have been invited to an early screening of the highly anticipated sequel. If only I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I would be here now.

The Incredibles has always been a superhero film, but one that is more relatable than most we see today. It is so simple, yet charming and hilarious. The idea of superheroes attempting to live what is considered a normal life. There are many little moments that make it great. A hard one to follow with a sequel. If you remember, the first film actually ends on a cliffhanger. They teased more of a plot but nothing ever followed afterwards, other than a sequel to the game that existed.

Now here we are fourteen years later, all waiting to see what this incredible family is going to be dealing with next.

Before the screening, there were lots of fun actives set up, including a chance to play the new Lego Incredibles game, green screen photo opportunities, balloon modelling, glitter tattoos and a chance to have a photo with the incredible family themselves. Disney really went all out for this screening, I may be classed as an adult but I did not pass upon these opportunities myself.

While waiting for the film to start they played both the Wreck it Ralph 2 and the Christopher Robin trailer. Another two Disney films that I am looking forward to seeing. Also, we got the Pixar shot entitled Bao which I want to mention briefly. It has got no words but plenty of emotion. I could not believe it, I thought I was going to need to take a break and call my mum before the film started. I really did not know what to expect, it was a beautiful and heartwarming short.  One that fits with the theme of family which works well for The Incredibles as that is one of there focuses as well. I would just recommend being emotionally prepared for it.

I want to keep my thoughts on The Incredibles 2 as spoiler-free as I can, the experience of seeing it with as little knowledge as possible is one I would highly recommend. The trailers themselves also do not give much away either, I was still pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

The fact that it does just continue right from where the first one left off, with The Underminer is beautiful. I recommend watching the first beforehand to refresh your nostalgia and because it makes the second flow so well.

The switch of perspectives works really well. The second film has Elastigirl take centre stage in the superhero game, while Mr. Incredible tries his luck at parenting. I am sure there are lots of mums and dads out there who will love the humour this brings. As I mentioned before, a classic Disney charm is making sure the parents get just as much a kick out of the film as the children. The Incredibles 2 is no different here.

Baby Jack-Jack steals a lot of the scenes this time around. The discovery of his powers leads to a lot of hilarious moments, especially a scene where he first uses them on a racoon. That is all I will say about the scene as it was amazing and I was crying with laughter throughout. Jack-Jack is a constant surprise which really keeps you on your toes. The charm and wit of each of the others characters also still exists and is executed brilliantly throughout the film. We even get to see some new supers, only briefly but it is an exciting tease of where they could go if a third instalment ever arrives.

The story itself is blended together well, they know how to keep the balance between focusing on Elastigirl and then focusing on how the family is coping. Screenslaver is the main villain you will encounter and an interesting concept. It is a villain that is designed to fit with the major changes the generation who grew up with The Incredibles has faced. As the generation who were around have grown up in a digital age and you will see how that fits into the story.

Once again, the film still manages to be very relatable. The family struggles are still the main focus over the superpowers. This works well for a genre that has grown massively over the years, where usually you would not find much or anything to relate too. There are many heartwarming and hilarious moments I want to sit here and write about but I would rather you go see it for yourself. The last piece I will mention is the use of the infamous Edna Mode. If you are waiting for her to appear, you will not be disappointed. I wish they used her more but Disney knew just what they wanted to do and it makes my heart melt whenever I think about it.

By the end I was left with a desperation for more, they left me needing more once again. I will suffer the wait again of fourteen years if they can top this one, I hope everyone who loved the first knows they will not be disappointed. The first might still stay your favourite because of your own nostalgic reasons, but I believe this one will find its place among the greats as well. 

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