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People You May Know is a short film written and directed by Louisa Fielden. Her career began on BBC One’s hit drama series Merlin, where she directed the show’s BAFTA-winning visual effects unit. Off the back of their VFX BAFTA win, Louisa was invited to become Second Unit Director for two seasons (26 episodes) on Atlantis also for BBC One and BBC America. Recently Louisa worked on Crazyhead for Netflix USA, and also directed Channel 4’s celebrated continuing drama series, Hollyoaks.

Louisa has a lot of credibility to her name and she took all this talent on with her to create her next project, a short film entitled People You May Know. I don’t want to give away to much about the film in this review, as I truly believe it needs to be seen without any major knowledge of the event that unfolds. The only synopsis of the short I will provide is from the log-line, which states

Eleven years after their break up a woman tracks down her first love through Facebook. But what begins as a friendly meeting turns into something much more sinister.

The film stars Aiysha Hart and Joseph Timms who also have both previously starred in the BBC series Atlantis. Aiysha has starred alongside Paddy Considine in the British independent thriller, Honour. She is a ‘Screen International Star of Tomorrow’, Variety Magazine ‘International Star You Should Know’, and most recently a Hunger Magazine ‘Ones to Watch’ recipient. Her other work for BBC one has included critically acclaimed dramas, Line of Duty and New Blood. 

As for Joseph Timms, he is a RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) graduate whose previous theatre credits include Twelfth Night and Richard III opposite Mark Rylance on Broadway. He starred as Icarus in Atlantis and has recently finished playing the lead role of Flamineo in The White Devil at The Globe.

The performances in this short film are one of the strongest parts. The film relies on having it’s two main characters carry the weight on the film on their performances and they do not fail at that task. They deliver rich emotional moments and moments that are so pure that will leave you stunned. I truly don’t want to spoil any part of this short if I can help it, as the weight it carries in the message it is trying to deliver needs to be seen firsthand by all.

This film tackles an issue that is very heavy in today’s society. It really shouldn’t be, but it is and the digital age we live in doesn’t help. This film highlights the effects that social media/technology can have on someone’s life, even in the smallest of ways. I believe this short has the potential to be used for educational purposes, that’s how powerful it is. It could wake up people up to the harsh reality we live in, that people like this do exist and that it is not acceptable.

The narrative takes you through both sides of this situation, constantly turning and switching focus on the incident. It becomes shocking and unnerving at times, even though it is such a simple set up. You will be left thinking about it for the next few days, I know I was, I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

I honestly have a lot of pride in this film and the point it is trying to make. This needs to seen and talked about, it can’t be ignored. I commend the performances and style of this film, so simple yet so effective, there’s a lot to be discussed around this film. I recommend you check out the trailer below and make sure you see it when you have the chance.

People You May Know Trailer –

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