Verge Reviews: Our Last Tango (Un Tango Más)

It is said, that when you die your entire life flashes before your very own eyes. Have you ever wondered what that would look like? Well for Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes that’s exactly what this documentary film must feel like. This film has captured their entire life story and their unimaginable passion for tango. One of the very first few things you’ll hear as this documentary begins is “never again will there be a tango couple like us”.

This film is a story of love between the two most influential dancers in tango history and their incredible love for tango itself. Maria Nieves Rego currently aged 83 and Juan Carlos Copes currently aged 86, first met each other when they were 14 and 17. Since then they’ve danced together for almost 50 years. In this, both Juan and Maria open up about their love, their hatred and their passion.

One of the reasons this film is filled with such beauty is because moments of Maria and Juan’s lives have been recreated into tango-choreographies. Sometimes it feels like there is no possible way to explain a certain feeling and that’s almost exactly what those tango recreations manage to do. They manage to capture the very feeling Maria felt when she fell in love Juan, including their first dance together. It is a visual representation of the true happiness she must have felt. The best way to describe it would be as if you were watching a musical but replace the moments where they burst out into song with moments of the two dancing the tango.

This is also mixed in with plenty of in-depth interviews from both Juan and Maria who are both so honest about every moment. They don’t hold back from the dark times they’ve had because they see it as an experience that’s shaped who they are now. It is truly impressive how through a one hour and twenty-minute documentary, I feel like I have been following them my entire life, that’s the level of depth it goes into. Watching Maria explore and relive these crucial moments of her past feels so special, this is someones entire life unfolding right before your eyes. So when you see the real-life footage mixed in with these recreations and interviews it becomes so much more inspiring. It almost makes it hard to believe it was all real.

I highly recommended watching it, even if it is something you wouldn’t consider normally. As seeing these two who have loved one another, hated one another and shared this incredible journey is truly inspirational. Through everything, they’ve stayed professional because of their love for tango and they believe that it has made them who they are today. That level of dedication deserves to be seen.

OUR LAST TANGO will be released in UK cinemas on 22nd September #OurLastTangoFilm