Verge Presents Indie Duo Alexander Jean

Alexander Jean’s new single does justice to the indie music genre, and they do it best with their debut single So Bad. BC Jean and Mark Alexander have been creating quite a buzz in their native US with two million streams on Spotify, two #1s on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, a performance at the annual BMI event at Sundance, a major North American tour and their debut at SXSW.

It is clear to see that 2016 is looking to be a killer year as they also announce their debut single for the UK, So Bad, due 15th September.

This is not the first time the duo have been in the music scene. Having been multi-faceted singers and songwriters for quite some time, it is no wonder BC and Mark mix so well together. BC has gone on to write hits such as “If I Were a Boy” recorded by Beyonce which was a hit back in 2009 topping multiple charts in the UK and throughout Europe. Mark has an impressive resume as well. Moving to London and attending the Performing Arts School where he studied music and theatre, he has played and performed in bands across multiple music genres.

It is no surprise that with their experience they were able to produce a tantalising tune and continue to build momentum in the music scene.

Check out their debut single below:

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