Verge Premieres: State of Play ‘Like Paper Planes’

London based band, State of Play are still pretty fresh on the horizon so you’ll more than likely not be familiar just yet, but they certainly are a group to keep your eye on – just like we’re doing over at Verge!

The band fuse elements of alternative rock and socially conscious hip-hop to create an incredibly infectious and fresh sound. State of Play are made up of front trio Anthony Mensah, Melissa McAnulty and Ahmar Ferguson; and on the musical front, there is Alex Fernades, Will Kerr and Ben Spooner. Their live performance is said to boast a hugely energetic atmosphere combined with inspiring lyrics for the socially conscious ears.

Blurring the lines between genre boundaries with their music, State of Play are back with a brand new video for their follow up single, ‘Like Paper Planes’. Exclusively given to us over at Verge, this is an incredibly strong track to follow their debut ‘What It Is To Be’, which adds to the promising beginnings of their musical journey.

Take a look at the video below – let us know what you think!

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