Verge Politics: US State Alabama Makes Abortion Illegal

A controversial decision made in Alabama Tuesday by 25 all white, Republican men establishes a near-total ban on abortion, including rape and incest.

The new law makes the punishment for rape in the state less severe than the actual procedure of getting an abortion. So, Doctors who perform abortions in the state could face up to 99 years in prison. Rapists may face a few years and a fine.

Only six of the state senators, including only two women, voted against it.

CNN reports on it’s Instagram, “The legislation, which now awaits the governor’s signature… bans the procedure in nearly all cases, including victims of rape and incest.”

Abortion historically is a polarizing subject. The legislation used to include procedures in place for exceptions such as rape. But not anymore. The cruel reality is the state is supporting its rapists, not its women.


Because of the public outrage, the Twitter universe is trending all over with protests. Citizens, especially women, are worrying. Because this legislation is now heading to the US Supreme Court. This court has the ability and power to overturn Roe vs Wade. The decision that supports a woman’s choice.

We at Verge support an ideology that it should be women discussing this issue. Even though it makes no sense that 25 men are voting on a woman’s reproductive issue, it is the current state of US politics. We believe in an open discussion with compassion for and from both sides emphasizing female opinions. Obviously, not a discussion with only men who will never have to experience the stress and trauma being put into place by the legislation they are enacting.

With a passion to have their voices heard, activists have spread on the streets. In cities like Washington DC, New York City, Miami, and more people have been protesting the all-out abortion ban.

It is not only Alabama making abortion a crime. Other states that are passing abortion bans include Alabama, Arkansas, Georiga, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota and Ohio.

If you are a woman, what are you thoughts on this? Do you support the all-out ban? Start the discussion on our Twitter @VergMagOnline.



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