VERGE OZ: Skegss’ own mess comes to UK

If you haven’t heard of this titanic trio from Byron Bay, Australia, then you’re about to.

Jonny, Toby and Ben from Skegss will be bringing good times and sweaty tunes to the UK this year for their ‘My Own Mess’ tour. Their debut album of the same name released this September, and catapulted them to #2 in the Australian charts. The ‘My Own Mess’ tour kicked off with sell-out shows across the country, and will be capped off by headlining the Misfit Mad Minds Festival on November 11.

In a seemingly non-stop tour schedule, the lads turn their sights to Europe for the second time this year. With them they bring Dumb Punts, thrashing out hits from ‘The Big One’, their debut album. Their live sets are something to witness. Last time in London alone, they put together three shows in three days due to popular demand and left me walking away from Moth Club drenched, but beaming. If you have ever been to a Skegss show, you know it is going to be a burst of positive energy, you are going to get a bit sticky, and you will have an absolute blast.

The fun, gritty garage sounds ‘Stop’ and ‘Up in the Clouds’ are just a few of the latest album’s bangers that will have you bounding about in the mosh. Their slower jams such as ‘Fun’ from their 2015 EP ’50 Push Ups for a Dollar’ are singalong anthems you’ll hug your mates to.

There’s an electricity that comes with seeing Skegss live, in a crowded room, shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of friends and strangers. It is something not to be missed.

So when can I see them?

The ‘My Own Mess’ tour kicks off in Dublin at The Grand Social on November 20, before rumbling up and down the UK over ten days, concluding on November 30 at The Garage in London.

Check out all the tour dates and grab your tickets HERE.

If you want to find out more about Skegss give the album a listen on Spotify and iTunes, and check them out on Facebook.

Dumb Punts are a worthy headliner in their own right. Get to know them a bit more on Facebook, and listen to ‘The Big One’ on Spotify and iTunes: