Verge Meets: Yinka Bokinni

Are you familiar with the name Yinka Bokinni? If not, Verge would like to introduce you to our new BFF. We got to chat about all things music, fashion and food with the Capital’s most stylish and sassy DJ. With a wardrobe most would die for and the personality every girl wants in her best friend we had real fun finding out about Miss Yinka and her plans for world domination.

Verge: Yinka for those who don’t know you, can you describe yourself in no more than 3 words?

Yinka Bokinni: Queen Yinka Bokinni JOKING! DJ, Presenter, Blogger – NO Crazy Sexy Cool (LOL).

V: We have trolled your instagram and twitter and we love your style, it’s brave and edgy and most of all fun; so when it comes to fashion where do you get your inspirations?

YB: Well the way that I dress really depends on the mood I wake up in, I am not someone who has a particular theme or colour coded wardrobe. If I am feeling sassy it is low cut and sexy all the way, and on my less amazing days it definitely shows in my outfit. I am all about body confidence and not necessarily wearing things just because they’re in fashion and definitely not because you’re told to! Just dress however the hell you want.

V: Still talking clothes and fashion what would be your style tips or must have items when you travel?

YB: A scarf, it may seem an odd choice and I don’t mean a woolly one. But whenever I travel my hair gets so so dry and I’m always wrapping it up, plus its good for the plane (it can get cold up there!)

If I am travelling somewhere warm then denim shorts are a MUST HAVE (after the obvious suncream) because you can wear them with pretty much anything.

I love being comfy when I travel, Im not really the kind of girl to rock up to the airport in skinny jeans and heels (I wish) I am more of a travel pillow, fluffy socks and onesie traveller.

V: Being a DJ you get first dibbs on the latest and freshest music, so what is currently on the playlist on Yinka’s iPod?

YB: I am still veeeeerry much into Bruno Mars 24K Magic which came out a while ago, that album is bloody great and I am listening to Drake’s More Life along with the rest of the world. And of course DJ Khaled.

When it comes to closer to home I am really into Geko, Ray Black is amazing and is going to be huge. I am also absolutely in love with Jhus’ music; I cannot wait for his album, I have a feeling its gonna be huge.

V: You have some pretty cool body art; can you talk us through a couple of your fave tattoos?

YB: I love every tattoo I have except two, the first one I ever got and a unicorn on my leg which is going to be fixed very very soon!

Honestly, it is so hard to pick faves, it’s like having a favourite kid. But if I have to it would be the shadow bunny that I have on the back of my thigh, I have had it for years and it is awesome. I also love the rose on my shoulder, I have a little bat as well which is purely dot-work and very special. Oh and I love the 10 or so skulls/ skeletons I have, oh and the paisley cat I have on my arm.

Ok I’m done *covers face*

V: You also blog, and we found your blog to be very fashion and beauty inspired, is this an area of presenting you would like to get into in the future?

YB: Definitely, I got into presenting through music which is my first passion and I will always continue with that, the beauty/ fashion side of things have always been a hobby that I have wanted to explore, my blog gives me an outlet to express those interests and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do that professionally.

V: Outside of music, fashion and presenting what do you do to chill out?

YB: Cook! I love cooking and eating with my mates, I’m a feeder.

I am really into trying new things as well so my friends and I are often doing weird and wonderful activities. I just think there are so many things out there that are to be discovered and I want to experience it all.

V: What’s in your bag?? What do you not leave the house without?

YB: Well I carry a rucksack… but I always have a few USB sticks with music on them, a disposable/ polaroid camera: my friends get annoyed with how much I snap them. I keep vaseline, brow mascara (yes it is a real thing) a travel toothbrush/ toothpaste/ dental floss… Which is a bit embarrassing now I’ve said it out aloud.

I also have the boring stuff like hand sanitiser, kindle, gum, a few snacks, Bepanthen (for new tattoos) and I’m getting boring so I am gonna stop now.

Quick Fire

  • Tattoo or piercings??  Tattoos
  •  Eat in or take away? In! Any thing with pasta, I adore pasta
  •  Buying clothes or buying music? Music!
  •  Night in or Night out? In
  •  Vintage or high street?  Vintage
  •  Flats or heels? Flats
  •  Snap chat or Instagram? Instagram
  •  City or Country? City

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Listen to Yinka Monday-Thursday 7pm-10pm and Saturday 1pm-4pm on Capital Xtra

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