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Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a genre often shrouded in mystery. Wild teens gather by the thousands to attend festivals all around the world to see their favorite DJs. With thumping bass and driving melodies, no genre has seen this much infamy since the controversial birth of rock ‘n roll.

Posted in the center of this whirlwind musical revolution is the Florida DJ duo Veorra. Known only as J & S, Veorra has been gaining wild popularity among young American bassheads. Their hit track “Not Yet” from their first EP Gold was featured on the popular EDM Youtube channels Trap Nation and Trap City.

With S on vocals and J behind the beats, the fresh-faced songwriters collaborate on every aspect of production.  S began piano and vocal training from a young age. She began to learn electronic production through experimenting in the studio, while J trained his ear and honed his skills by self-teaching.

Verge got the chance to chat with Veorra and discuss their thoughts on their new EPs, the popularity of EDM, and their mysterious identities.


So, J & S (Veorra), how did you two find each other and start making music together?

We had actually met years ago, through a mutual friend who ran a small network of artists. We were both pursuing our own individual projects at the time. Years later, we had reacquainted and became really close. The chemistry was great, and we helped each other out with our solo projects. It took us an admittedly embarrassing amount of time to realize that we should just work together, and that’s how Veorra happened!


S, do you have any prominent vocal inspirations, and J, do you have any big inspirations for your producing?

 Actually, we both work together on the vocal melodies, production, composition, lyrics, etc! It’s a true team effort from A to Z. Some of our inspirations for vocals are Birdy, Banks, and Sia. As for production, some of our inspirations are Diplo, Deadmau5, Zhu, and DJ Snake.


So your debut EP, Gold, came out not too long ago. How has the feedback been?

The feedback has been overwhelming! We never expected to be receiving as much support as we have. We can’t thank everybody enough for being as passionate and engaging as they have towards the music.


As new EDM artists, why do you think EDM has seen such a surge in popularity over the past few years?

We think that we’re in a bit of a “modern Woodstock” era. The genres of EDM are so unique and different compared to what popular music has been for the last few decades, and we think people missed that – something fresh!

You guys are doing something pretty inventive – you’re a duo consisting of a producer and a singer. Do you think that aspect of having a band-like dynamic gives you an edge on the EDM scene?

Well, if we’re honest, there are other band-like EDM artists out there. Krewella, for example; so we can’t really take “first!” credit there! But we actually think of ourselves simply as a team. We don’t split any of the work, but rather work on the entire process together, feeding off each others’ energy and motivation, which is what we’d like to think is unique to us.


That’s a fantastic and inspiring way to go about it! So what about live performances? S, will you be singing live while J does the mixing?

We are excited to see where the planning of live shows will take us. That scenario is definitely a possibility!


So your latest EP, Sapphire, has some awesome tracks – including an amazing T-Wayne cover. What inspired you to turn a hip-hop hit into a trance tune?

It started with a silly jam session; S was singing the T-Wayne rap, with J on the guitar, when we thought “hey! Let’s record this and get creative.” Little did we know that it would end up on Sapphire!


Well it turned out phenomenal! So, you guys have two EPs released now, what’s next? Can we be expecting a Veorra tour coming around any time soon?

We are still focusing mostly on our music to reach more people and grow as artists. We hope to start planning at least a few shows sooner rather than later, but with no clue when that will be!


Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Some of our favorite artists are Diplo, DJ Snake, Skrillex, and Zhu. Collaborating with any one of them would be a dream come true, with a risk of some embarrassing fan-girling.. Mostly from J!


That’s totally understandable. I don’t think it will be long before people start looking to your music for inspiration. What’s the main thing you want people to take away from your music?

We hope that people can connect to our music on a deeper level, and feel the depth and emotion that we used to create the music.


On final, if not trivial, question: can we ever expect to see a picture with your full faces? Or will we ever know your actual names?

We’ll definitely be sharing some bits and pieces here and there. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll crack. For now, however, we would like to stay anonymous; including our names. (The DJ) Zhu said it best: “Music is Faceless. Let my music tell my story.”


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