Verge Meets Vangelis

If your a fan of The Voice then it’s hard to forget the bold and unique contestant that wowed not only the audience but Boy George himself with a soulful and quite personal rendition of Culture Club’s “Do you really want to hurt me” With Boy George’s chair the first to turn it was perhaps inevitable that the pair would strike up a friendship that would later see Boy George as manager to the undeniable talent that is Vangelis. We got to chat the future, the past and of course any gossip from The Voice….


For those of us who don’t know you too well can you give us a bit of background info on you and your life before this point? 

I was a contestant/finalist on BBC One’s The Voice UK in 2016 and on the show my mentor was Boy George. After the show finished me and George stayed in contact, became good friends and now he’s my manager. We’re currently working on my debut album. I also like a good cup of tea and I’m constantly on a diet that starts every Monday and ends a day later.


Where did your name originate- it’s very unique!!

Haha…my mum? That’s my real name! My full name is Vangelis Polydorou-Evangelou…I mean…it’s a bit of a mouthful and not in a good way! It can be slightly awkward actually because there’s obviously the composer Vangelis who wrote ‘Chariots of Fire’ so I sometimes get tagged in posts about him. Also, someone wrote a post to me saying ‘I’d be less offended if you named yourself Jesus, change your name now!’ who knew people were so over protective of a name?


Tell us about your experience on the voice and how it’s contributed (or not) to where you are now?? 

The Voice was an amazing platform for me and I obviously wouldn’t have met George otherwise. It was very different to how I had imagined, quite stressful but exciting and it gave me the chance to show off my voice. It’s given me a huge boost to my career and I owe a lot to the show. I think you have to use the platform for what it is and run with it.


Any juicy gossips or secrets from behind the scenes of The Voice?? (Don’t be boring lol) 

Haha, ermmmm I don’t know if it’s juicy…(even though I do love a bit of goss) but the auditions aren’t filmed in the order of the way you guys see it on TV. It’s all been moved around so they can spread out the ‘moments’ also we don’t actually spend a lot of time with the coaches like they make out. Probably under an hour throughout the whole process of the show. Some of the live performances from guest performers aren’t actually live. It’s been recorded a day or two before with another audience. God, I should write a book.


You were in team Boy George and since gone on to form a professional friendship that has helped your career take form? What has working with an idol been like for you? 

George is the best. I never knew before auditioning what an important part of my life he would become. Everything he has promised he has fulfilled. I think a lot of people think George is a diva but he just knows what he wants. He’s a really generous person and will tell you if he doesn’t like something and I respect that. I don’t need someone telling me I’m amazing all the time.


Tell us is there something that has really surprised you about the industry?? 

Not really. I think I recognise more now that it’s a business. It should be called the business music because music really is secondary I feel. I find that a lot of the most successful artists are the worst singers. It’s just the way it is. A package, a product and marketing. I just focus on my voice and the music and let the universe do the rest.


Can you tell what is coming up for you in the near future?? (Any exclusive info??) 

I think mine and George’s aim is to get this album done and then I can go out and promote it! Hopefully supporting George on tour but not till we have the songs. It needs to be done properly.


It’s fair to say you don’t look like any other artist out there right now, describe your style to us? 

I love black! I can be quite boring day to day but if I’m going out I like wearing something a bit sexy or something with a twist so instead of a tie, I’d wear a rose that kind of stuff. If I’m doing a shoot with George I’ll get the full glam treatment. Smart sophisticated but sexy.


What are your career goals? Who would you like to work with? 

I just want to sing. I honestly don’t ever think about being famous or being number one. Maybe I should but it’s not something that has ever interested me I just want to be a successful singer whether that be in the UK or abroad. With success comes a little of that but I think it’s important for me to stay grounded and work hard to be the best I can be. I absolutely love Celine Dion as a female vocalist. Elvis is also one of my faves.


Listen to Sweet Dreams by Retrophobia ft Vangelis :

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