Verge Meets Tinchy Stryder

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to talk to award-winning rapper and all-around Gent Tinchy Stryder about his latest collaboration with hub by Premier Inn. The idea of hub by Premier Inn is to create a hotel experience that is centered around connectivity and being able to access everything at just the click of a button. So what better way to show off the accessible connectivity of the hotel than to create and produce a brand new track in just 24 hours using only the features of a hub by Premier Inn room.

My initial thoughts when I first entered the hotel in London’s Brick Lane were how cool, smart, relaxing and techie the overall vibe of the building was – and that was just the reception! With the super fast and easy WiFi connection (literally two clicks!), computer screens and touch-pad mobile phone chargers catching my eye, it became very apparent to me that what hub by Premier Inn are providing is exactly that; a hub of connectivity for affordable, comfortable and very stylish accommodation. With rooms starting at just £69 per night, it is hard to think of another hotel at that price that even comes close to offering what hub do in the centre of London.

When I was invited up to Titchy’s room, I found an enormous flat screen TV, comfy double bed, and gorgeous bathroom with a great big map of London on the wall; a must have for any travelers visiting the city. Again, I was taken aback by what I’d found. Essentially it’s like having your own double studio, but a fresh and vibrant one and one filled with all manner of innovative electronic functions. It is so accessible too! Take the hub by Premier Inn app for example; you can control everything in the room: the lighting, temperature and even the TV just from being on your phone. How cool is that?!

But anyway, why listen to me banging on about the style of the hotel and the rooms when you can watch what happened when I sat down with Tinchy Stryder at the hub By Premier Inn Brick Lane.

Tinchy Stryder will record and produce a new track from a room at hub by Premier Inn, the new generation of city centre hotels with stylish design and integrated connectivity. For more information on hub by Premier Inn, visit: and follow @hubhotels on twitter and instagram for regular updates.