THYLA are an exciting up and coming band that are taking over our playlists and our hearts. From Brighton to tour stages, this band are sure to cause incredible waves this year! We were lucky enough to catch up with them about what being in a band is really like, and how to lead an impactful music career whilst dealing with the pressures of modern society!

Tell us about how you guys first got together.

We all went to uni in Brighton together. Each of us played in various bands before settling with each other. Band s**** we were! But we’re THYLA faithfuls now.

How has it been for you guys so far, any highlights? 

Our first tour with INHEAVEN was a definite highlight. They showed us a really good time and we got to play our live show round the country to packed out venues for the first time.

Who would you guys say are your biggest inspirations? 

My Bloody Valentine, Blur, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins, The Horrors.

You guys are constantly performing and putting your music out there, are you still just as excited to do shows? 

The shows keep getting more exciting so yes! It can be intense because we still have to hold down jobs to pay rent and all that boring stuff but we live for it, touring is our favourite part of the whole process. 

What was it like being in a band in 2018, are there any pressures that you suffer that bands before you haven’t? 

I think its tough! Guitar’s aren’t as popular as they once were, the charts are dominated by grime and super-charged crack pop. There isn’t as much early investment opportunity as there was once and there are a lot more bands competing for it. 

What are you guys looking forward to the most, what could be the career game changer? 

Probably recording our debut album. As a collective we absolutely love being in the studio, I think the pride each of us would get from seeing our debut in stores would be a game changer, as far as it being a ‘career’ game changer, well that would depend on how well it sold.

Tell us who you’re listening to at the moment, any tips for 2019? 

Off the bat, Shame, Sunflower Bean, and Sorry.

Spill the beans, what are you guys working on for next year? 

Let’s just say we’re writing every chance we get, in short we’re working on new music, whether it be another EP or an LP is yet to be decided.

What do you guys think is the most important aspect to a successful music career? 

Good songs that age well.

Any advice for up and coming bands trying to get out there? 

Write and demo the tunes first when the pressure is off, then worry about all the other stuff. Your songs are more important than your profile picture! And… play live as much as possible, cutting our teeth on the Brighton circuit has been so fundamental to our development.

Catch THYLA on all socials below, and be sure to catch them at their next show at The Lexington on 13th February!

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