Jack Daniels presents… is an exclusive event supported by Jack Daniels offering you the chance to see The Vaccines perform live like never before. For one night only, they will be headlining at a secret location in Manchester on the 20th September which will be revealed to ticket holders nearer the time.

We got to chat to Arni and Justin from the band about what inspires them, what we can expect and how it all began…


Can you give us a brief bit of history of the band?
We started in 2010 and played our first shows towards the end of that year. We started in a studio in Labroke Grove and a friend of ours let us record some music in there one summer and it kind of went from there. A happy accident! We all knew each other in different ways from music to just hanging out.


You have been the opening act for some huge names including, The Rolling Stones. Can you tell us what it was like to open for such a legendary rock group?
We have toured with lots of people we consider to be legendary. Every time we go on tour with a big band even if you don’t start as a fan you end the tour as a fan. It’s like a bumper course for rock n roll, it’s always enlightening and informative. The Red Hot Chilli peppers were also inspiring. You want a slice of that pie. The general consensus is keeping your eye on the prize. The biggest artists never stop!


You released your fourth studio album this year, what more can we expect from the Vaccines in 2018?
We will continue to tour the album, perform and get out there. We hope to get back in the studio too and write some new stuff, cross our fingers its good enough to release!


Just work, write songs. Don’t listen to too much advice.


You will performing at a secret location for Jack Daniels presents, tell us a little bit about what we can expect from the gig? We are promised to see you like we never have before!
Well we don’t know, we don’t actually even know where it is. We love playing, we have more and more fun with every show! We’re excited so it’ll be fun!



What would you mix with your Jack Daniels?
I would have to go with the popular Coca Cola! Isn’t that the classic right? JD and Coke?


In 2010 Zane Lowe named your record “If you wanna” the hottest record in the world which is a pretty big deal, what would you say your biggest achievement to date is?
I think they keep changing, I am proud of our longevity. I am amazed people are still here after 8 years, but the fact we are still achieving in it itself is amazing.


We like eating and movies. We both ride motorbikes (not whilst drinking Jack Daniels) and I want to see Mamma Mia 2!


You have been nominated for several awards, is there a particular award The Vaccines would like to have on display in the toilet? (Isn’t that where all celebs keep their awards?)
It’s the one room every one visits! I think to win a Tony, an Oscar and a Grammy – so the full monty would be cool, a bit like Oprah! My house was robbed recently and they looked at the award, moved it and didn’t take it so it shows how worthless the award actually is.


When you are not performing or working what do you do with your down time?
We are still performing, but we like eating and movies. We both ride motorbikes (not whilst drinking Jack Daniels) and I want to see Mamma Mia 2!


Finally what advice would you give to budding musicians?
Just work, write songs. Don’t listen to too much advice. Finding your own voice is important and just write write write.


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