Verge Meets: The Anime Man

The Anime Man is a well known anime YouTuber, who is mostly known for his entertaining vlogs and challenges on topics surrounding the anime community as well as manga reviews. He also has a weekly Q&A series on his channel which people can ask questions in the comments section by using #answermesenpai. The Anime Man currently has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 241 million views on YouTube alone. We got the chance to chat with him to get to know more about him and his channel.

What made you want to make videos about anime?

I started running and writing an anime “review” website – I use “review” in large air quotes because looking back on it now they barely qualify as reviews [laughs]. Then one day a regular visitor to the site suggested I start making video reviews and rants, so I started up my YouTube channel. The rest is history.

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How did you come up with your channel’s name?

It was the name of the aforementioned site I used to write for ( I must say, I regret my lack of creativity in naming things, which I still struggle with to this day.

As we know you do rants, reviews, challenges and much more exciting content. What was the most enjoyable one you did?

All of them are enjoyable; I wouldn’t have uploaded a video in the first place if I didn’t enjoy watching it myself. Each type of content has its pros and cons when making them, but I just enjoy the overall diversity of making different types of content in general.

What made you become an anime fan and why?

Being half-Japanese, it was a natural part of my life from the very start. It was basically the only Japanese media I consumed from a young age and as time went on, my appreciation, curiosity and passion for it just kept on growing.

You make videos with lots of Anime YouTubers including Gigguk and Pewdiepie. Could tell us how you meet them?

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Mostly via mutual recognition and social media. Most, if not all, YouTubers I end up becoming friends with are those who’s content I love to watch and vice versa. It makes it way easier to get to know that person and become friendly with them that way. A lot of the time (like in the case with Gigguk and Pewdiepie, for example) we find out that we’re actually fans of each other’s videos before anything. It’s a weird situation, but I’m always grateful for it.

Could you tell us what the channel represents and what fans or newcomers should expect coming to the channel?

I want my channel to be a place that represents intelligence, understanding and mutual recognition. It’s a place that we can gather all sorts of anime fans – from newbies to experts, casuals to elitists – and talk, discuss, chill out and have fun with anime, Otaku culture and overall Japanese culture together which we all love and appreciate at different levels. I want to entertain as well as educate, and show the bigger picture of how anime relates to the rest of the world.

What anime do you watch that is your favourite?

Too many to count, but if I had to pick one it’ll probably be The Monogatari Series.

We know that you are in relationship with another popular Anime Youtuber Akidearest, How often do you collab together on projects and do you both like the same genre of anime? 

Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of The Anime Man

We mostly collab when we’re physically together; it makes it hard to collab all the time when you’re in a long-distance relationship. We also avoid collabing too much because we want to be known as separate entities on YouTube rather than a quote-unquote “couple YouTuber”. But while I say that, I’m absolutely never against collaborating with her; some of my favourite moments have been through collabs with Aki. As well as anime tastes, we tend to disagree on shows rather than agree a lot of the time. But I think I prefer that; it makes it more interesting to see different sides of the spectrum all the time (which is what my channel is all about).

What is the most favourite video you’ve done?

Probably “Top 10 Anime Series Of All Time”. It was fun to write, record and edit and it really shows my satirical, jokey side that has stuck through with me throughout the years.

Any advice for students who want to be Anime Youtubers or Youtubers?

Don’t let it be your only focus in life; diversify yourself into other ventures while pursuing your dreams. In my case, I’ve also gone out and done voice acting, streaming, radio, writing, directing and music (among many other things). You can never have too many back-up plans in life. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Besides that, just have fun. Don’t be too serious with it.

For all anime fans and watchers of YouTube, The Anime Man is a highly recommended watch. But beware as some videos contain strong language and is only recommended to mature audiences.

Check out his YouTube Channel below and be sure to subscribe to his channel and support his patreon for more anime content!

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