Ta’shan is everything you’d want in a new artist. She’s full originality, flare and is never afraid to say what’s on her mind- and in the world of today, we all could use an artist like that. From being a public advocator of self love and inclusivity, to writing songs about loving the skin you’re in and chowing down on your favourite food, Ta’shan is a very rare and exciting find indeed! We had a great conversation with her about her inspirations and leaving her home in Switzerland to start a whole new musical journey!

You’ve done what most find terrifying; moving far away from your home in Switzerland to pursue your dreams! Tell us about how you got in to music and what drove you to The UK?

I have been singing since I was a little girl, but everything changed when I went to LA in 2012 for a holiday where I ended up staying for three months to work on music. That was a life changing experience and made me realise that music is all I want to do in my life! From then on I have been constantly working on myself and my music. After a few years of working on my sound in Switzerland I realised that I have to make a move either to LA or London! As I still wanted to finish my degree, London made more sense and was financially the more realistic option! So two years ago I moved to East London and it was the best decision I have made.

Is there a huge difference between the music scene here in The UK and Switzerland?

Switzerland is such a small country and the music industry is tiny! So yes there is a huge difference and not as many possibilities and options for an artist like me.

You are also known for mixing your Indian heritage within your music and visuals as well, why is this important to you?

Growing up between the Indian and Swiss culture was a very enriching experience, I had the chance to live and travel in different places across the world which made me the person I am now. My father always listens to Indian classical music which has definitely inspired me! I love the rich culture India has, from fashion to the culinary varieties, it really and truly makes me very happy and proud. People might not always think that I am Indian when they see me – so I feel my fashion and jewellery is a way I connect with my culture.

You’re all about spreading positivity and acceptance, why is it important for you to continue to thread that message throughout your music?

Honestly that’s the reason why I do this is, because we only live once as far as we know and we should make the most of it and enjoy ourselves and life to the fullest! There is enough negativity out there and I feel we should all appreciate what we have.

What’s your favourite part of being an artist so far?

I love meeting new people and learning from them. I love the connections I have with people and I love to share experiences and stories.

Your music and  visuals are always exciting, fresh and creative – how do you find inspiration for your ideas?

Everything I see or come across is my inspiration, life in general!

Can you name four things that you cannot live without?

Music, Food, Cats and Dogs

If you could work with anyone in music at the moment who would you chose?


Are you currently working on anything exciting?

Loads of songs! An EP is pending…


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