Verge Meets Sticky Blood

Former Arctic Monkey Andy Nicholson and Jamie Shield combined their talent in 2013 to create production outfit Sticky Blood. Setting up in their home town Sheffield, they’ve honed their skills and focus on working with talented artists across the industry. Having produced drum & bass beats for Mc DRS, the production maestro’s are currently creating rhythms for George The Poet, Coco and Tom Prior…

Their current track has seen NME supporting, it made Record Of The Day’s ‘Record Of The Day’ and Charlie Sloth was quick to bag the premiere for his show on BBC 1Xtra.

Verge’s Music Ed Tasha Demi sat down with the pair to ask them a few questions…

How did you guys initially hook up and then decide to start making music together?

We first met while doing a hip hop project called ‘Clubs and Spades’. It started from there and then we started working on more stuff together…we then came up with name and it took off from there.

Why the name, why ‘Sticky Blood’?

No idea we have the thinking that all names are crap so why spend months thinking of one. Just get it out of the way and move on…

We had a friend who had a joke nickname around the studio that was “squidgy black”. God knows how that even came about… *laughs* But one day he told us that a certain packet of sweets was supposed make your blood sticky… it gave you “Sticky Blood”. We joked that that sounded like it should be the name of ‘Squidgy Blacks’ DJ or something! And then in the end, when we decided to give this production outfit a go and take it seriously, that’s what we decided to name it.

What made you decide to set up a label why?

It gives us a reason to finish the music we start and also a platform to put out our music. But also launch other people’s music, music we like and want to put out. You can expect all sorts of music that cover the “urban” mould.

Describe your EP in 3 words…

Dark, Moody and Vibration

What can we expect from your EP?

A trip. lol. Expect bass and a good time. It is probably best listened to at night.

First single from the EP, ‘Professional’ features a singer called HEKKY – tell us about him…

HEKKY is a very talented singer/rapper from Sheffield. He’s been a long-time collaborator, but that’s not just through him being a friend, but a lot more through the fact he is a very talented singer and writer and brings the good vibes.

Talk us through the video and your thought process behind it?

The video was filmed by a production company called OliverBrianProdctions and are based in the room under our studio and they are part of the team really. The thinking behind it was to do something, somewhere that is a bit unnatural and seems out of place and also a bit trippy…it would have been too obvious to do it about ‘boy meets girl and falls in love’.

What’s next? From the label? From Sticky Blood?

From the label we have got a StickyBloodPresents HEKKY, which a 3 track thing. And from us we are working on another EP at Red Bull studios to be out in November/December time and then instrumental EP.

You’ve both been in the industry for a while, give us 3 tips about how to survive in it…

1 – Be the most optimistic about yourself and where you will get. Push yourself and never stop.

2- Be the most pessimistic about what anybody tells you and don’t believe it ‘til it’s happening or you will get very disappointed a lot of the time.

3 – Be your own boss and do what’s right for you. Listen to peoples’ opinions – whether good or bad, and act on them in the way you see best.

Biggest lesson you’ve both learnt in the industry…

It is full of people that don’t know what they are doing so make sure you do! Keep it real because other people don’t!

Check out the video for ‘Professional’ below!

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