Verge Meets: Steph Houghton

Recently, Verge had the pleasure of interviewing members of the England women’s national football team ahead of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 in the Netherlands. In this interview, we speak with captain Steph Houghton.

What are you looking forward to most about the tournament?

I think whenever you get a tournament, it’s about how hard you’ve worked over the last two years and playing for your country. This what playing for your country is about: making sure you perform in tournaments. The games come thick and fast, and I think it really tests you as a player and as a person because there’s so much to deal with when you’re away from home, but also being able to consistently perform. I’m just excited to put on that England shirt and lead the girls out.

Is there any special preparation for a captain, as opposed to the other players?

I may be a little bit busier than some of the other girls, but I think ultimately, I just make sure I keep playing as well as I possibly can and make sure that my name’s on the team sheet, and from there it’s just about leading by example and doing everything that I can.

Are there any particular celebrations you’ve got if you win?

To be honest, I think it’s more just a bit random. I never really plan a celebration. I’m sure if my family are there, and if I score, I’ll be given a bit of a kiss and a wave, so yeah, maybe that.

How do you relax off the pitch?

To be honest, I’ll probably just chill in my room or go out for a walk with the girls, go out for a coffee, and just try to get out of the hotel a little bit because for the next two weeks, we’ll be in and out of hotels a lot of the time, so I think it’s important that you try and switch off, and for me it’s going out for coffee, going out for a walk, or maybe just watching a TV series in the room.

What’s your favorite show at the moment?

I watch reality TV shows, so like Geordie Shore, Made it Chelsea. Love Island is starting tonight, so I’m excited about that. That’s what I’ll probably be doing for the next two months: watching that program.

What is your advice for students who look up to you? How do they get to where you are?

I don’t think there’s any real secret. As a person, I haven’t changed for anyone. I’ve really worked hard at everything that I do. I think it’s important that you’re a nice person. You can’t just take all the time; you’ve got to give a little bit out. Just be consistent with how you are and how you act. On the pitch, for me, it was just about working hard and being true to that. Nobody can take how hard you work away from you. Always try and listen and improve, and stay humble.

England kick-off their Euro 2017 campaign against Scotland in Utrecht on Wednesday 19 July live on Channel 4. You can join the conversation using #Lionesses and for more information visit


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