Verge Meets: Sarah Herman and Olivia Nicolaou

Make Up Artists (Left to Right) Sarah Herman & Olivia Nicolaou

Ever wonder how famous people get their glow? How the camera seems to compliment them at every angle? Verge discovered that behind every beautiful pout is a dedicated makeup artist, willing to make everyone look like Beyonce (even on our worst days). We were lucky enough to have some time with BT Sport Score‘s make up magicians Sarah Herman and Olivia Nicolaou who keeps everyone looking tip top.

Tell us about your career so far. 

Sarah: I’ve been a makeup artist for nineteen years now. After studying in Suffolk, I began working in films for the first eight years. I then started working in sports TV – it’s an interesting job, no two days are ever the same, you kind of have to be prepared for everything. What we do is not just makeup; you need to be able to do hair cuts, beard trims and even making sure that they’re shirts, ties and pocket handkechiefs are on right.

How did you get into becoming a makeup artist?

Sarah: I took a beauty therapy course during the day and make up during the night, I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it until a friend of a friend was a makeup artist on set for films. I started talking to her about it and then I began to get excited about the option of working on films and thats where it lead to in the end.

Olivia: I actually started studying media in college and part of the course was that we had to create a music video, because I was the only girl in the class I was chosen to be the makeup artist. From doing that I knew that was what I wanted to do, so I started training and doing courses.

Whats the most challenging part of your job? 

Olivia: The hours, sometimes there can be some really unsociable hours.

Sarah: On film you can be called for makeup at 3:30am and then you’d finish at 7pm at night, and thats a really long day.

What’s the best parts of your job? 

Sarah: Working with some amazingly talented people.

Olivia: It doesn’t really feel like work, it’s just fun – we do it on our days off!


Thanks to the BT team for looking after us and being great hosts.

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