We all need a soundtrack to life; through ups and downs, we need our favourite artists to uplift us and get us through thick and thin! There’s no better feeling than discovering a new favourite, especially when they have been right under our nose all of this time. Sarah Close is a brilliant artist who has spent years developing her craft, building a grand fanbase and maintaining a strong bond between her and her 700k YouTube subscribers. We caught up with Sarah to discuss her what she’s been working on and what it’s like to be a role model to fans across the world.

Tell us a little about how you got into music? 

My parents played in a band just for fun when i was growing up, so I was surrounded by music in the car, at home, my dad playing guitar as we watched TV, it was hard to escape! I played clarinet and trombone when I was a kid but didn’t really enjoy them and hated practicing. I started teaching myself piano and guitar when I was 14 and haven’t put either down since!

Take us into a studio session, what goes on and how do you create?

I like to just freestyle and see what comes out, normally I’ll get the producer to create a beat or play some chords- an 80’s sounding synth seems to inspire me most. Then I’ll just sing melody and lyric ideas. That’s what gets the best out of me because I’m just free with it and there’s no filter. I clam up when I sit in a room with someone and they go ‘So what’s going on in your life? What’s the concept for today’s song?’. Once i’ve got down some ideas we will pick apart the melodies and stick with what’s strong and then build lyrics around that.

You built a great following, how has the process of becoming a musician been for you? 

It’s been the best ride and I’m really enjoying all the challenges thrown my way. I love creating and performing my music and I’m so happy that I get to do it for my job!

You’ve been a social media guru since you was 14, with over 700k Youtube subscribers alone, how do you cope with being so well known? 

I’ve never been called a guru before! I actually don’t think about it too much, my following has grown really slowly over the years, so any changes have been ok to adjust to! Sometimes someone will call out to me ‘hey Sarah I love your music’ when I’m getting on the tube, or just out in public, and those little moments always make my day!

Do you feel a responsibility to be role model?

I’m very aware of the fact that young girls and boys look up to me and my behaviour and I definitely try to be conscious of my songwriting and the ways I talk about love. “You Say” is a song about the person you like messing you about and playing you, but rather than it being a ‘boo hoo they don’t like me song’ I wanted it to feel strong and badass. Ultimately, I’m trying to figure life out just as much as the next person, I’m sure i’ll mess up eventually but I’ll learn from it.

What, in your opinion, do you think is the most crucial aspect to being a musician? 

You have to really really really love the job, this industry is tough and completely wild. You have to believe in your vision so strongly and never forget the reason why you wanted to pursue it so badly, it can take years of grinding before it begins to pay off!

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Yes! Lots of new stuff, I’ve been in the studio writing some new songs and I’m finishing off my next few singles and getting ready for next year!

 Your latest single “Crazy Kind” has incredible visuals, which you co-directed. How do you and your team come up with the creative concepts? 

Thank you! Sometimes it’s super easy and sometimes it takes a lot more brain power to come up with an idea. I make all my music videos with the same group of friends which makes the whole process soo much fun. Often I’ll have a starting idea or a loose concept and they’ll help me work it up from there, other times they’ll text me with an idea and I’ll edit it to make it feel more me, it’s really collaborative and different every time. The concept for Crazy Kind took no time at all, I wrote the song about a spontaneous trip to Barcelona so for the video I wanted to go back there and re-create the crazy insane feelings that inspired the song.

You’ve got a headline show coming up at the Borderline on the 29th of November, which is sold out! How do you manage pre-show nerves?

I know I can’t wait for it, I’m very excited to be back on stage and with my band! I’ll watch TV or do a jigsaw puzzle before I go on stage, just something that is completely unrelated to music which helps distract my mind. I also quite enjoy the nerves, they always make a performance better.

Do you have any advice for any new musicians popping up?

Work hard. Write lots of songs. Make contacts online and in person and stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to forget that!

Check out the official video for Sarah’s latest single “Crazy Kind” below!

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