Verge Meets: Otaku-Vs And Frankie Lollia

Otaku-Vs is a anime YouTube channel which has comedic rants, short skits and an animated talk show series. The channel features a cinematic universe with characters called Ota-chan, Jerry, Assistant-kun, Shinji the Pizza Delivery Man and the narrator ,voiced by amazing YouTubers such as GENLOVESANIME , AverageAnimeFan, RCAnime, Zoiney and BaronJ. The channel currently has 203k subscribers and over 15 million views on YouTube alone. We got the chance to interview the lead creator Yusef Iqbal and also Frankie Lollia, another amazing anime YouTuber who is also apart of Team Otaku!

When did you start the channel?

Yusef: I started the channel in 2013 and its now 2018.

    Exclusive To Verge: Picture Of Yusef Iqbal

Frankie: Oh dear. Are we really that old…

Where did the name of the channel come from?

Yusef: The full name was originally OtakuVsNotaku

Frankie: Which is a terrible name

Yusef: Agreed, it’s terrible but the aim of the channel originally was to introduce anime to people who have never seen it before and see their reactions.

So, as we know some of your videos are animated, how long does it take to create an animation video?

Yusef: Animation videos are always the most time consuming for us however they usually end up being the most rewarding when finished. The process usually starts with myself and Frankie sitting down and just hashing out ideas and from there it’s all in Frankie’s talented hands as she handles all the vocal work then it all lands on my doorstep and that’s when the soul crushing job of keyframing comes into play!

Frankie: So from start to finish it usually takes 3 weeks, 3 sleepless weeks. 

  Exclusive To Verge: Picture Of Frankie Lollia

What made you become an anime fan?

Yusef: Like most people, I stumbled across it when I was younger through shows like ‘Sailor Moon’ and I immediately became a fan (which my two sisters tease me about to this day)  

You were once a member of ‘The Anime Galaxy’, what made you want to do a solo project?

Yusef: In the Anime Galaxy we all found each other through a shared interest. It was through this group that I met Frankie and other members of the team that still work on the channel to this day. We started together as strangers and now have become lifelong friends and a big dysfunctional online family. I honestly think the channel has kept us all together.   

We know that your series of videos have a cast of a cinematic universe involving Ota-chan, Jerry, Assistant-Kun and Shinji the Pizza Delivery Man. How did you come up with ideas to make these characters?

Yusef: We always enjoyed watching Anime but soon became tired of just reviewing shows. We wanted to create our characters with our own stories and our own little world, that reflected who we all were. Thus Otachan was born and luckily people liked it. So we kept going and unfortunately for them we haven’t stopped.

 What made you want to make anime videos?

Frankie: No one was making the Anime videos we wanted to see, so we rolled our sleeves up and got it done ourselves.

 What’s your favourite anime?

Frankie: My favourite Show without a doubt is free! Because I grew with the characters as I was watching.

Yusef: Mine has to be Lucky Star for no deep reason whatsoever, I just like cute things.

What’s your favourite video that you’ve created so far?

Yusef: The Otachan Show: Episode 1 holds a special place in our hearts because it was when we all came together as a team. Our baby, our first attempt at putting something out there that was completely our own. Seeing that succeed gave us the confidence to keep going to this day!

Exclusive To Verge: Picture Of Otachan

Do you have any advice for students who are looking to be anime YouTubers or YouTubers?

Frankie: Being a Uni student myself, I found YouTube to be a good stress relief but I wouldn’t go into it looking for instant results. I feel there is no such thing as overnight success, it will take time and there will be times where you feel you’ve hit a brick wall creatively. It’s in those moments that you will create the best stuff and it’s in those moments were we as a team have supported each other.

Yusef: Everyone and their grandma wants to be a YouTuber, but there is a saying I like to use when posed with this question. Being successful in YouTube is like breaking out of jail, once someone has done it, the guards have blocked up that route. It’s up to you to think of a new way to break out, so be unique, be creative and don’t ever stop trying to escape. Disclaimer…Otaku-Vs does not advocate Jailbreaks of any kind even though The Shawshank Redemption was a very good film!

For all anime fans and watchers of YouTube, Otaku-Vs and Frankie Lollia is a highly recommended watch. But beware as some videos contain strong language and is only recommended to mature audiences.

Check out their YouTube Channels below and be sure to subscribe to both channels for more anime content!

Otaku-Vs’s Official YouTube Channel

Frankie Lollia’s Official YouTube Channel

Otaku-Vs Shorts – Official What Your Favourite Anime Says About You 2 Video:

The Otachan Show – Official Studio Spotlights Are Stupid Video:

Frankie Lollia’s Anime Reviews – Official Free! Eternal Summer Video:

Frankie Lollia’s Vlogs – Official Anime Expo 2018 Video:

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