Verge Meets: Nicola Adams

This week saw the amazing global launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Celebs came down to the secret tournament in force and Verge CEO Andre Dixon caught up for a quick chat with champion boxer Nicola Adams.


Dre: Hey its Dre from Verge Magazine and Alt Sport, here with the amazing Nicola Adams OBE – my new friend. How are you?

Nicola: Good, Good.


D: Now we are here at the Modern Warfare 2 launch, there is loads of stuff going on and I am. I want to give you a sneak peek – I wish you could see it.

N: It’s sick


D: Nicola, you are clearly going to be better than me at this game, are you a big gamer?

N: Yea, I am a big gamer, but I am a little bit rusty at the moment, so you might be in with a chance!


D: I think no matter what you could beat me! So, do you play games to relax after competing?

N: Yea, I love gaming, it’s my time to relax, just chill out and switch off.


D:  You are sky rocketing, a big-time celebrity now! What is coming up next for you?

N: I have got a TV show coming out very soon…


D: Ooh, can you give us any more details?

N: I can’t really say too much about it at the moment. But stay tuned for that one.


D: For those people living under a rock can you tell us where to find you?

N: I am on Instagram and all socials as Nicola Adams – easy!


D: Follow her – she’s amazing, very inspirational

N: Sweet!


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