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Jesse Ridgeway aka McJuggerNuggets is a well-known YouTuber, known in the YouTube community for his entertaining and insane vlogs. He has currently over 3.4 million subscribers along with 1.6 billion views. We got the chance to chat with Jesse to get to know more about him and his channel.
What made you want to make YouTube videos?
I originally got into YouTube twelve years ago as a curiosity and out of a desire to make videos and have people view them across the world. As a 14-year old, I had no idea what I was getting myself into aside from the fact that I was excited to have a new hobby.
Could you give us a little background behind your channels name and what it represents?
My channel name, “McJuggerNuggets”, comes from a joke I made when I was in 7th grade. I was eating McNuggets on a weekly basis and was obsessed with Halo 2 on Xbox Live. One fateful night, I ate a 10-piece and took a poop…the faeces legitimately still looked like McNuggets. I came back to play Halo with my friends, a game type called “Juggernaut”, and while I was sharing my weird poop story, I joked that it was like the “Juggernaut shit out these nuggets…they were some McJuggerNuggets!” The legend was born. There’s a great video on my channel that tells the story MUCH better.
Official The Origin Of McJuggerNuggets Video:

As we know you have done many series of videos such as the Psycho Series, My Virtual Escape,
The Collab Series and many more. Out of all the content you have made, which is your favourite and why?
Out of all the series I made, “The Psycho Series” will always have my heart. It’s the content that went viral and put my channel on the map, without it I would have never been able to do what I do for a living. Spanning over 3 years, almost 700 videos and over 1,000,000,000 views…I invested so much time and effort into this series. My family and I had to sacrifice so much to tell this story and its one that comes from a very real place of growing up as the black sheep in my family.
Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of McJuggerNuggets

Tell us about your clothing brand/merch for fans called ‘The Juggies Store” and what it represents?

Our merchandise is sold out of “The Juggies Store” represents a brand and clothing style that anyone can wear. We are an inclusive family and we want all ages to feel represented. The store/merch is managed by my mom and other family members so it’s very important to us.
You have made collabs with another popular YouTuber called ‘Boogie2988’ and ‘KidBehindACamera’, how did you meet them and what made you guys want to work together?
I met fellow Youtuber’s, Boogie2988 and Kidbehindacamera, over Twitter and Youtube thanks to the fact that we were all in the same sub-genre of Youtube which would be classified as “Freakout Videos”. I wanted to work with these guys because I felt like we were all in the same creative boat, being affected by Youtube’s algorithms in a similar fashion…We also shared a lot of the same fans. They’re easily two of my closest friends now.
Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of BigBrudda

You have a brother who is also a Big YouTuber ‘BigBrudda’, what made him want to start a YouTube channel and how often do you guys collaborate with each other?

 My older brother, Jeffrey (BigBrudda), started his channel after I basically peer-pressured him over the course of many weeks. I started to grow on YouTube exponentially and make a living from uploading so I wanted my brother to play a larger role in everything by uploading another angle to all the drama.
What is your favourite video you’ve ever made?
This is an impossible question for me…but I’ll always pay my respects to “Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games” because that’s the video that really made my career. I’ll never forget how rushed my Dad was for that video, he had to go to work so we had only 30 minutes to shoot that one-take. I remember my throat bled after doing multiple takes of the final war-cry after picking up my shredded games. To see all my dedication pay off was truly rewarding and I’ll never forget how special that was for me.
While you’re not filming and making videos, what do you do in your spare time?
Honestly, I don’t really have spare time. Every minute of the day is spent building out my Youtube channel, side projects, my app “StoryFire”, communicating with fans or managing other people’s channels. I get so much pleasure and satisfaction out of this career that it never feels like I’m working, I truly love every second of it. Occasionally, I’ll get a free hour once a week around 2 am where I’ll squeeze some video games in.
Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of A Scene From The Psycho Series

The Psycho Series is a big series on the channel, going through the whole process of filming and directing the series, what was it like and why?

Writing, directing, acting, filming, editing and publishing the Psycho Series over a 3-year period truly took a physical and emotional toll on me and my entire family. To be verbally abused and tormented by my actual father and brother, while losing my mind was a challenging experience. My parents had to be legitimately separated for 6 months to portray an actual divorce. My Uncle Larry drove 50mph into a swimming pool with his truck, endangering his life for the series. We were swatted nearly 20 times, guns point-blank to my head, with thousands of 9-1-1 calls being phoned into the police with fans thinking all over the world thinking events in the videos, were 100% real. We had to live a lie for a very long time, just to tell this story. Two videos a day, 30-minutes a piece totalling in nearly 700 episodes…tested me in ways I could’ve never imagined. The art, storytelling and fans kept me going throughout all of it. I truly just wanted to leave an impact on younger generations that may have been dealing with a father that didn’t believe in them and how to run with a burning passion inside without letting resistance stop you.
What’s next for your career as a YouTuber?
I plan to grow the channel more and continue to push the boundaries of story-telling on YouTube…I’m one of the only YouTuber’s whos channel is basically one never-ending narrative. I am working on a few projects outside of YouTube that I believe will be revolutionary and will establish myself as an artist beyond the internet. I couldn’t be more excited about the announcements I have planned for this year.
Any advice for students who want to be YouTubers?
My advice for students or aspiring YouTuber’s is to start taking yourself and your channel more seriously. Yes, it’s a place to be creative, but more than anything treat it like a business. Care about the “customers” (viewers) and provide them with your best possible content. Pay attention to over-arching trends and larger channels to gain traction and subscribers. Collab and post often. More than anything, don’t give up…it may take a while, but the rewards are so worth it. The sky is truly the limit.
For all watchers of YouTube, McJuggerNuggets is a highly recommended channel to watch. But beware as some videos contain strong language and are only recommended to mature audiences. Check out his YouTube Channel below and be sure to subscribe and support the channel for more awesome content!
McJuggerNuggets Vlogs: Official EVICTION DAY! Video:

McJuggerNuggets Vlogs: Official LIVING AT A FAN’S HOUSE! Video:

McJuggerNuggets Vlogs: Official PSYCHO DAD RIPS APART GRAPHIC NOVEL! Video:

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