MAVICA is a singer-songwriter that constantly pushes boundaries and stands firm in believing that there are no limits to creativity. Moving from her home in Spain, MAVICA’s passion for her craft has taken her across the world, with such incredible stories to tell through her brilliant and unique blend of pop and folk. With her latest release “Fire”, taken from her debut EP “Gone”, being nothing short of wonderful we were so excited to have a great chat with her about her journey as a musician, and what to watch out for in 2019!

Photo Cred: Flore Diamant

For those who aren’t familiar with your journey into music, could you tell us a little about how you started?

I started playing in little music bars in Spain. By that time I had no idea I wanted to do music as I was studying languages in Madrid. Then I moved to Berlin to clear my ideas and I decided to put all my songs together with no success. After that I decided to come to London and I had to live here to start believing I was a musician.

Every artist draws inspiration from somewhere, could you name some of your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspiration since I discovered his music is Justin Vernon and all his bands. All of them are pure gold but at the moment I am really into Big Red Machine, formed by him and Aaron Dessner. Sufjan Stevens, Ben Howard and Daughter among others are some other important inspirations on this EP.

Your sound is full of originality and your visuals are always creative, could you tell us about your creative process and how you have ideas for your projects?

I like working with other friends who are in the creative world too, so I try to collaborate with them for my visuals. For example the video for “Fire” was made by my friend Sofía Boriosi and the next video I’m releasing is a collaboration with my friends from The White Cinema Lab.

What is your favourite subject to make music on 

All my songs tell stories that happen around me. I’m pushing myself to write about other stuff but I always ended up putting my feelings on them. This EP talks about the phases that took me to London and how things can turn unexpected on the way. Every song names a city I was living in at the moment that I wrote them, from Cartagena, Madrid and Berlin to London. “Fire” was released last week and talks about the worst experience I will probably ever have in a city. Struggle and loss were the main topics. The one in London is the next single “Plastic Hearts” in which I feel like an outsider from the Berlin experience and so over it now. So both singles are in a way complementary of each other.

Which topic gets your creative juices flowing?

Every time I’m sad because of London’s weather, I take the guitar and I write a song that’s the usual! It might sound like a cliché but when I’m not feeling so well I write as a therapy to myself and those are normally the songs I like the most. A topic that is a lot in my mind lately is the matter of time and how our minds get f***** up by the lack of it. Especially in London, stress is the favourite topic I believe…

Do you enjoy collaborating with artists to create and if so, who would be your dream collaboration?

Oh of course! As I told you before I love doing it and even more when they are my friends. It’s good to help each other and create together. I did a collaboration as a show/exhibition with the painter Aigana Gali and we put on a release gig for my first single. The background was a dream, full of huge paintings inspired by her country Kazakhstan. There are a couple of other artists I really like, Emily Eldridge from Honk Kong is one of them. 

Could you list some of the things you couldn’t live without?

Ramen, sushi and Cartagena where I’m from. 

What are you currently listening to?

Phoebe Bridgers’ first album, Big Red Machine and Nick Mulvey.

Do you have a favourite place to perform yet? 

I love performing by the beach but that rarely happens in London. The best performances I have done were “Cooncert” gigs, a promoter that helps emerging artists in Barcelona, putting them to open really cool shows. I have never seen such a respectful crowd every time I perform at one of those. So for me is more about the people rather than the place I perform at. I had the pleasure to open for Alice Phoebe Lou, Roo Panes and Jonathan Wilson thanks to these guys and all of them were my favourite lives.

What’s one of the craziest experiences you’ve had in your career so far?

Probably forgetting my guitar at home when I was going to the studio to record one of the singles. But that’s not even crazy, it’s my day to day…

Do you have any advice for any up and coming musicians?

To share their music as soon as possible. Sometimes we are scared to share it with the industry because is not good enough but it actually helps a lot to even send your demos to someone on Instagram! I even sent my demos to Nick Mulvey, I wanna think he hasn’t seen it yet…

Check out the official video for MAVICA’s latest single “Fire” taken from her debut EP “Gone” below!

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