Verge Meets: Matt Spracklen

With innovative and new media at an all-time high demand, radio, podcast and TV personality Matt Spracklen manages to create new refreshing content in a lane of his own.

Spracklen is currently a triple threat in the industry; he is a TV judge on BBC1’s All Together Now singing competition and hosts a radio show on Country Hits Radio UK. Also, he records his Mainly Music Podcast where Spracklen sits down with musicians and friends to discuss the music scene.

Mainly Musical Podcast actually came about from me being at gigs. I’d be out with friends every night. We would be chatting about music. And I thought these conversations needed to be heard, so we started recording episodes.

said Spracklen.

The podcast features a variety of subjects including comedians, people from record labels, photographers, DJ’s and artists from all aspects of the music industry. His goal is to have discussions surrounding the current state of music. Mainly about how music is shifting, bringing different people’s perspectives to the table for conversation and discovering aspects of the music world the average listener may not know.

For my podcast, it doesn’t matter if the person on is the lead singer of a band or a producer, we are trying to interview a whole spectrum of people who just love music.

While talking to Spracklen what advise he has for those hoping to start a successful podcast, Spracklen said, “There are a ridiculous amount of blogs out there, but podcasts are a bit different. They are on different platforms than Youtube or Instagram so, it opens up an opportunity for podcasts to be discovered in its own world. But really, the only answer is just to do it. You never know when something might gain a cult following for fan-base. So really, just try it, do it and see what works and doesn’t work.”

When he is not recording his podcast, Spracklen loves listening to country music and looking for the next new sound. The country music scene this year went through a major shift this year. With hits like “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus and Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line’s “Meant to Be” topping the charts.

As a country music lover, Spracklen said,

There are two sides to what is going on in country right now. One, you want country music to thrive. And two, you can’t have it thrive if it stays the same. In the same way that punk became more mainstream with Blink 182 and Green Day signing to major labels and doing mainstream collaborations, the same is happening in country music. We wouldn’t have mainstream rock now if it weren’t for the punk-rock becoming big. But the bad thing is that the talent and songs may be watered down, but then the real country music will still shine through.

You can check out more about Matt Spracklen on Instagram @MattSpracklen. Also, you can listen to his Podcast at

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