Verge Meets: Lottie Jade

Lottie Jade is an aspiring, raw talent bringing South London back onto the music map with a new single ‘Number 1’ out soon. She not only works to show her talent to the world, but also to inspire those who have a dream as she has and to follow that through. We got the fortunate opportunity to have a chat with Lottie Jade to explore her intentions and mindset in both the music industry and as an individual in this world.

Without music what do you think you would be doing at present?
Gosh a life without music… umm I’d probably be a secondary school or primary school teacher.

Who has inspired you to make music?
To be honest I think it just came naturally, I never really looked at anyone and thought “ wow I wanna jump on music” it was just something that I tried out one time before I knew what I really wanted to be then I just fell in love with the thought of being able to create whatever I wanted!

What inspires you on a day to day basis to make music?
My everyday situations. I always write about things I’m going through, things I find hard to talk about … it’s very therapeutic, to be honest.

Have you got any projects coming out that you would like to promote?
Right now my main focus is really just creating a body of music which I can put out there with full confidence that it will help make me and my supporters feel good! So yeah that’s the main project right now!

What is your genre of music?
Oh wow, this question always makes me stuck because, to be honest, I don’t really say I have a specific genre! Right now I’ll say UK RnB but with a new kind of energy …

What do you want your music to make people feel?
I just want my music to make someone feel like they aren’t alone in this world. The music can relate to them so much that they feel like there is someone else out there going through what they are. I want my music to turn people’s emotions into the better if they are not feeling themselves. I want my music to be healing & allow people to gain confidence in themselves. Overall I just want people to feel happy and free when they listen.

Do you have any advice for younger generations?
My advice would be – to always remember that everything you do it for yourself! What I mean is – if something makes you happy do it for you and not for others. Be kind to everyone too because the tables always turn & you never know when you may bump into someone you later need. The energy you put into the world will always give you the same energy back.

Other than music what would you say you do a lot in your spare time?
I love reading! Think I’ve read about 10 books this year which is pretty good, to be honest. Reading really opens my mind and helps me escape from reality. Reading is very helpful and I advise others to read more. I tend to post what books I read of my socials so others feel a bit more encouraged to read too.

What messages do you like to get across in your songs?
100% of the time it’s about me being a strong individual throughout whatever situation I’m writing about.

As a child who did you listen to and would you say they influenced your style of music?
I was lucky enough to grow up listening to a lot of different artists – when I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up we would listen to Queen. Queen was a rock band & honestly, they are still one of my favourite bands. I also remember my mum playing a lot of Gabrielle when
I was little – more soft RNB then she would play a lot of garage! I definitely think it’s influenced my writing in terms of how open I am about my lifestyle whilst writing & being able to fully express my emotions I feel.

What is your ultimate goal? Whether it be for yourself or others around you?
For myself, I think to feel that everything I have done has been worth something and has allowed me to grow and create beautiful moments and memories that I have always dreamed about. My ultimate goal is to one day be able to look back & realise how all my hard work really did pay off with those big dreams I once dreamt as a little girl & to be able to inspire and motivate others to believe in their dreams too.