Verge Meets: Jonathan Joly – Clas Ohlson Celebrity Dad of The Year

Clas Ohlson has just broken the news that parenting influencer phenomenon, Jonathan Saccone Joly has won their Celebrity Dad of The Year Award for 2019.

When asked about how he found out about the award, Joly said, “I wasn’t even the first to find out. My wife made an Instagram story about it and saw social media was blowing up and I didn’t even know. I was like this is brilliant!”

Jonathan Joly is no ordinary father. He boasts over a million Instagram followers (@jonathanjoly). Also, he has a family vlog YouTube channel, (SACCONEJOLYs) that has over 1.9 million subscribers.

Jonathan’s award was presented to him at The Shard by Swedish homeware and hardware retailer, Clas Ohlson. He was accompanied to the ceremony by influencer wife, Anna. The couple is parents to four children, Emilia age six, Eduardo age five, Alessia age two and newest addition Andrea.

When asked about what his secret is for YouTube success is, Joly said, “You have to work way harder now than I ever had to if you want to get into the YouTube world.”

Joly started filming vlogs for YouTube in 2009 when the platform was gaining mainstream attention, “Back then, we were the only Irish people doing this in the whole country. Even now there aren’t that many Vloggers in the UK. But in America, millions of people are doing it. So, you need to find something that is sustainable. If you’re doing something that you feel is really difficult and your faking being yourself while growing your audience, at some point you’re going crash.”

In terms of his other media successes, Joly said, “Definitely don’t just do one platform. Some people suited for 30-second videos. Others are better with one-minute or ten-minute videos. YouTube nowadays is considered long-form media. That happened when Vine came along and people thought that YouTube was like watching a movie. So, you need to experiment and see which is best for you. For your message and your content.”

The Saccone Joly’s have a busy year ahead, as they are soon to appear on an exclusive BBC documentary with Stacey Dooley, which documents their family life and huge rise in popularity.

“It’s interesting because with YouTube I have total creative and editing control. But with this new show I am not really editing. So, it will be interesting to see how my audience reacts to my life and family on this new platform,” Joly said.

Previous winners of the Clas Ohlson Celebrity Dad of The Year award include Gary Barlow, Freddie Flintoff and most recently, Mark Hoyle AKA LadBaby, in 2018.

“Of all the awards I have collected as part of my digital media success, this award, for being a good dad will be the proudest achievement in my career. Just like my kids are the proudest achievements in my life!”

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