Verge Meets: JAZ KARIS

Photo cred: Amanda Searle

Jaz Karis is one of the most exciting up and coming artists we’ve seen in a while. With her infinite grace and incredibly melodic music, it’s almost impossible to not gravitate towards being her biggest fan almost instantly. We had the pleasure to sit down with her and delve deep into her creative process and her musical journey so far.

Photo cred: Amanda Searle

Tell us a bit about how you got into music?

I always grew up with my mum playing good soul, hip hop music in the house so my love definitely started at home. I then began playing piano at around 7/8 years old and then not long after I joined the church choir. I really enjoyed singing and then I took part in school talent shows where I realised people actually liked my voice! From then onwards I was singing everywhere and anywhere I could. 

Can you give us an insight into your creative process- how do you make your music?

I guess each song is different, especially when working with different people. I usually have a concept that is currently going on in my life which I can draw inspiration from. If not then I refer to my notes and start there. I then work with the producer and we start to feel out a mood for the song, we then just build from there. 

Your songs are full of emotion and are brilliantly creative, is it hard to write your music?

Thank you! I wouldn’t say hard as I don’t find it a job, however I do challenge myself in trying to different ways to translate to the listener how I’m feeling. 

Every great musician gathers their inspiration from somewhere- who do you go to when looking for creative guidance?

I look to the people around me – thankfully I’m lucky enough to have met some amazingly talented writers and artists, so when I lack in new ideas or feel a bit of a writers block I’m able to reach out to them. I also talk to God and ask that he unblocks or allows me to understand whats going on in my head and life. 

Have you got a favourite song of yours yet?

Yes, It’s not out yet though! 

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

I think if I got the chance to write or work with Frank Ocean I would literally feel like I’m dreaming. 

Performing is a key part of being a musician and you’ve done some spectacular shows across Europe! What’s been your best show so far?

I have and loved all of them! I think my favourite show in Europe so far has to be the Reeperbahn festival in Germany – the energy was amazing and to see people from another country knowing the words to my songs was so incredible. I also signed my first autograph! 

Are you working on anything exciting?

Yes! A new project is loading…

Being an up and coming artist, do you have any advice for anyone else looking to get into music?

Never give up and always look at how far you have come when you lack motivation. Trust yourself always and don’t settle.

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