Verge Meets: Headie One with JD

Since the release of “Know Better” things must have been pretty wild for you so far, do you have a career highlight so far?

Headie One: I made “Know Better” actually that’s my most up until today one of my most favourite songs I’ve ever made.

What why do you think that was your career highlight why do you think it was received so well?

Headie One: I feel that people actually connected and understood me as an individual.

We know that choosing your favourite track is like choosing between children, but if you had to pick one song, what would be on repeat and why?

Headie One: That’s a tough one, it changes every day, you know. I like “Back To Basics” because I like the production.

You’ve collaborated with some of the UK’s finest including Stormzy and Dave, but do you have any international artists you’d love to jump on the track with?

Headie One: Right now I like weird music. I’ve been listening to Lana Del Ray’s vibe because she’s just different to me.

I’m completely opposite under the spectrum and I like stuff that’s different. I want something different so I’m probably going to go with Lana Del Ray.

Everyone needs to wind down every now and then and we know things must get crazy on the road how does one Headie One spend his “me” time? 

Headie One: I just think that’s my me time. I just I like nice views so certain times I just go out to somewhere high on the sky. I love being high in the sky, so that’s me time or when I am at home and not doing nothing playing playstation.

If we looked at your recently played on your phone right now who would make the top of the list? Secret guilty pleasures encouraged!

Headie One: I checked my Spotify most listened to, and for this year my wrap up said it was Summer Walker. I couldn’t believe it myself. I don’t know. I don’t know how it happened, so yeah Summer Walker.

What’s your favourite summer walker track?  

I like the song called Fun Girl

So You’ve performed at festivals and venues across the country and you’re even looking to hit some European stages in 2020 – what’s been your favourite show to date and why? 

Headie One: My favourite show would have been my London show in Brixton. The production was sick, The energy was sick and I feel that it told the story

Do you feel like you’re always gonna be biased to the home crowd?

Headie One: No, because before that I would have said Ireland, Dublin. But you know I wonder when someone does a hundred metre sprint and someone just steals it nice, that’s what it was. 

What are your top tips on staying humble in the music industry and any advice you’d give to your younger self?

Headie One: I don’t really know, It’s hard. It’s easy to speak from the outside looking in. Just try to be humble whenever you can and stay working.

Any advice to your younger self?

Headie One: Focus. Keep your eye on the goal 

Any New Year resolutions for next year? 

Headie One: My new year resolution is to keep progressing. Do everything better than I done last year. Buy more stuff, celebrate more, live more and go to more places and reach more milestones and do more numbers, that’s it.


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