Verge meets: F1 esports driver Brendon Leigh

Verge had the pleasure of catching up with phenomenal driver Brendon Leigh. The two-time F1 esports World Champion for the Mercedes AMG Petronas.

Brendon’s season is underway and he looks to defend his title along with his Mercedes team.

We caught up with him about maintaining a winning mentality, managing expectations and dealing with stress while being a pro athlete. Take a look!

Paulie: You’re a two time World Champion driver. What exactly about winning has kept you driven? Pun intended, and whats kept you with a level head through all this?

Brendon: I think the thing that always keeps me driving straight forward is the fact that I just love driving cars in circles. It’s literally as simple as that. Apart from in my free time, sleeping, eating or going out with friends, I’m just driving all the time. Not because I feel like I have to, just because I just love driving cars.

Sometimes, amazingly enough, is a difficult thing to do that. But how have you just simply enjoyed your time being the best?

I think for me, I’ve just enjoyed the fact that I proved myself that I can do it, right? There’s a lot of time when you’re building yourself up to a position of being the best, but I really have taken a lot of time in the last couple of years to just remember the effort that I put in and that’s always kept me humble and always kept me driving forward.

So with Mercedes AMG Petronas, how much have they helped you get to where you are and kept you on top?

Mercedes had done endless things for me. I joined their program in 2018, lost 20 kg at the start of the year when joining the program and it just comes down to the small stuff. Like, I’m sat there with the engineers, the various engineers, what they have, and they’re looking at my data. They’re saying, okay, you can brake later, you could trail brake a bit better here. You can do this with this setup, and they do all of this to make me the best driver I possibly can be. They just go to every single length. Everything I ask of them, they do. Yeah, it’s a privilege to be able to work with a team that is so, so accommodating to everything I need. 

Finally, what’s next for Brendon Leigh?

I can only do my best and put myself in the best position possible to capitalize on any situation. Obviously, I’m going to continue my journey in F1 esports and look forward to this year and the following year. I’m amazed, what’s going in this industry moves so quickly. What I thought was possible two years ago has already happened in that year. I’m just excited for whatever is next.

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