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Elodie Christina is an aspiring, enthusiastic YouTuber from Bristol, who earlier this year grew immensely on the YouTube scene, now with over 50,000 subscribers! She not only fills her subscribers lives with a sense of joy and confidence, but she empowers women from all cultural backgrounds to speak up and express their views; how she carries herself is an exact representation of this. She is not afraid to explore opinions and state her perspectives on social issues, and still with her mature mindset, she provides laughter all throughout her channel. With her platform escalating, she has remained humble and continues to strive in all ways possible. We gained the outstanding opportunity to have a chat with Elodie Christina, exploring her intentions in YouTube and as an individual who has the power to impact society.


How do you think YouTube has impacted our society, and how is it continuing to do so?

YouTube has definitely impacted our society in many more beneficial ways than I think any other social media platform has had the power to do. It creates a world of entertainment, advice, and education for people of all ages but most importantly it creates a sense of community which I personally have never felt on other platforms. With the large variety of content creators on YouTube, people are able to find someone to relate to and find comfort and support, which I think is having a positive impact on young people in our society.


Where do you get the ideas for the content on your channel?

A lot of the videos I make on my channel are from last minute ideas. Sometimes I see videos from other people and I either do the same or most of the time I put my own twist onto it. I think everyone on YouTube gets inspiration from other content creators which is completely normal because most people add their own creativity into it which makes their video unique.


I never realised the impact I had on people before I started advice videos or videos where I discussed more serious topics.


What do you want people to take away from your channel?

I never realised the impact I had on people before I started advice videos or videos where I discussed more serious topics. I guess comedy is what I would usually say to people that my channel is around, which is great because I enjoy making people laugh, but I think there is much more to my channel than I originally thought. Inspiring people to become motivated, have their own voice and be their true self is something I would hope my audience take away from my videos and my overall attitude towards life.


When in your YouTube career did you realize this is an occupation you enjoy and would like to continue doing?

Since I was around six I began making little videos on my mums iPhone and I spent hours watching YouTube vlogs and tutorials, and like most children, was in awe with how these everyday people have created practically an empire without a “real” job or a degree. I had never been very interested in academia, although I always worked hard at school, it’s not something that I would have seen myself doing. YouTube for me was a dream job but where I come from and the people I was around, that was a huge taboo for someone not to dream of going to university, do a degree and become a lawyer or have some sort of high profession. So because of that, I think I suppressed my dream and tried to think of something else that I would want to do with my life but as we can all see, that didn’t work. So I definitely realized before I even began YouTube that this would be the main occupation that I would like to have as an adult and actually starting YouTube definitely pushed my motivation even more.


Other than activities consisting of YouTube, what do you enjoy doing?

I’m in college full time taking Religious Studies, Sociology and Combined English Language and Literature so a lot of my activities revolve around studying and homework, which most of the time I do enjoy. Because of this though, I haven’t had much time to actually develop a hobby per se other than YouTube because of how demanding these two things are. When I do have completely free time I like to just be a typical teenager and go out with friends and just enjoy my time (meaning Netflix and food). I’m sure though that once I finish college I will find a hobby because I actually enjoy being busy and when I have too much freedom I tend to panic, which would probably sound weird for a lot of people.


Who inspires you in your day-to-day life?

I would one hundred percent say my parents have had a big impact on helping me stay motivated and follow my dreams. My mum is actually an entrepreneur with her own business so I think to see her break away from the boundaries of having a 9-5 job has really inspired me to do what I want to do and not what other people want me to do, regardless of how hard it is. I’d also say a lot of YouTubers that I’ve been watching for years and have seen grow such as Jasmine Brown and Luhsetty. It’s always great to see other people in the same industry as you succeed because you’re able to see what is in store for you if you really set your mind to it.


How do you deal with trolls and haters?

Luckily for me, I haven’t had a great deal of internet trolls but when I do get them, it can sometimes phase me but I have to realize the negative comments count for about 3% of all comments so I tend to try and see the brighter side. However, I have definitely encountered my fair share of haters with people that I know personally and obviously, that is going to affect you more than people you don’t know. But along with their hate, I was also able to see their overall treatment of other people and sparks of jealousy so I have ended up just clearing them from my life and they get ignored exactly the same as the internet trolls.


My main focus is on self-love which can cover a lot of areas such as toxic relationships, inner beauty, accepting flaws, purpose and motivation.


What issues do you aim to combat on your Youtube channel?

There’s a lot of issues that I want to help people with but I am no professional so I think my main focus is on self-love which can cover a lot of areas such as toxic relationships, inner beauty, accepting flaws, purpose, motivation, etc. I’m not sure if I alone can completely combat these personal issues that people have but I hope to be a possible catalyst or beginning thought of changing the way my audience live their lives in the healthiest and happiest way possible.


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How would you best describe your Youtube channel?

Random. Extremely random. There is no one genre that my channel is structured around which I think is great because it allows me to explore so many different things and give my audience a lot of fun new content. I also like to think that my channel is funny however when you watch yourself over and over again whilst editing at 3 am you will come to the conclusion that the joke you made was far from funny or creative – but I’m sure that my audience will say different. Lastly, I’ve tried to stay away from the term “relatable” because that’s the new word nowadays and sometimes other people’s definition of “relatable” isn’t what I would define it as, but I reckon I am relatable. I don’t like to put on a fake mask on the internet and perceive myself as being perfect and a lot of people recognize that and they like that I am very raw with everything.


What would your message be to the people of your generation?

I feel like this is extremely generic but just be yourself. So many people try to live up to this perfect, “Instagram baddie” lifestyle which is quite frankly unattainable and personally quite boring. Finding who you are without the media’s input is essential to being true to yourself, succeeding, finding real friends and overall being happy. Living up to other people’s expectations – especially the media’s – is going to eat you alive because I can almost guarantee that your true self is far more interesting, beautiful, smart and creative than what the media wants of us teenagers.


How do the people around you support your passion?

I’m incredibly blessed with the friends and family that I have around me because they have supported and helped me with my YouTube so much. A lot of my friends are up to filming videos with me and a lot of them, especially Ellie, has become very popular with my audience. My friends also help with video ideas and give me tips on how I can improve which helps me a lot because I’m able to see an audience’s perspective on my videos rather than just me as the creator. My parents have probably been the ultimate support with providing me equipment, teaching me the marketing side of things (my mum is very skilled with things like that) and just overall reassuring me that if this is something I’m passionate about, I shouldn’t have to feel a heavy weight of expectation to get a standard job – which they know I’m not interested in doing.


Living up to other people’s expectations – especially the media’s – is going to eat you alive because I can almost guarantee that your true self is far more interesting, beautiful, smart and creative than what the media wants of us teenagers.


Is YouTube what you first set out to do, if not what were your aspirations before and maybe even still with influence on YouTube?

Since I was little I’ve always been interested in fashion and I used to want to be a fashion designer and I think when YouTube became something I enjoyed watching I wanted to incorporate that too. I do still have a creative side of me that would possibly be able to take on fashion so maybe in the future that is something that I would involve myself in.


What are your plans in the future for both your Youtube channel and other paths you want to endure?

For YouTube, I think my main plan is to just keep consistent and creative with videos and use my platform to begin other things such as fashion and beauty. The opportunities are endless and I don’t want to just stop at just being a YouTuber. I also am still doing my A Levels but as I said, university is something I was never interested in but going to college allows me to keep my options open for any future career paths I might take later on in life.