Verge meets Dionne Bromfield

Dionne Bromfield is known as one of our pop princesses, but her feature on Naxxos latest single “Animal” is a slightly different feel for her; with its funky electro pop infusions allowing us to hear and see a slightly less innocent princess and more of her evolution into a sultry songstress. Dionne has been in the spotlight most of her life and we wanted to know all about what it’s like growing up in front of the nation and dealing with losses while everyone watches on (Dionne lost her godmother Amy Winehouse to alcohol abuse in 2011). But she had some great advice for students wanting to get into the industry and some words of warning too.

Happy New Year! How did you celebrate bringing in the New Year?

Happy New Year too! I went to my favourite restaurant in Soho and ate my body weight in seafood. Then watched the fireworks from Green Park with my family and friends.

What were your New Year resolutions?

My main New Years resolution was to cut junk food out and start eating healthily, it sounds so boring and like everyone else, but I’m the worst with snacking on crap food. I can tell you it isn’t going well….

Tell us about this latest project with Naxxos?

I met the Naxxos guy’s in December 2016 at a writing camp and they said that they had a song that they would love me to feature on. As soon as I heard it I thought ‘hell yeah!’ Its not usually the style of music that I would do, but when something sounds good regardless of the genre i’ll do it if I love it.

Can you let us know what your currently up to, and have planned for the new year?

Currently working on my 3rd album which hopefully should be out sometime this year. I’m just over half way through it, all very exciting though. Its been way too long.

You are part of the alumni of the renowned Sylvia Young Theatre school, would you say attending stage school or training in the arts is fundamental for up common wannabe performers ?

Yeah, Sylvia’s was great. I was quite a shy person even though I would go out and sing almost every night to loads of people, inside i’d be bricking it! Sylvia’s gives you that confidence that you 100% need and you’re taught by some of the best so you’re constantly leaning whether its dance, music or in drama.

Being in the public eye from such a young age means you have been exposed to some of the good and bad traits of the industry. What is the hardest part of growing up in the public eye?

I think not being able to be yourself 100% all the time. When you’re a kid you don’t have to worry about being your ‘age’ where as I had to be mature from a such young age, so I was never really able to just be a ‘kid’ and be silly!

Following on, what would you say you’ve learnt along the years of being in the spotlight, having dealt with some traumas so publicly?

Just to cherish every moment. The good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of things happened so fast and I never had a chance to actually sit down and breath at the time. Because once its gone, its gone!

I mean Berry Gordy was just a pinch me moment.

We scrolled your Insta account and it’s clear to see you’ve met some of the most influential people in music, from Ice Cube to Mr Berry Gordy the king of Motown. Who would you say was the highlight so far? Shall we say who made you most starstruck?

I mean Berry Gordy was just a pinch me moment. I grew up on Motown and that’s what made me fascinated, obsessed and in love musically with certain artist such as Marvin Gaye. So meeting Berry was a moment I won’t forget.

If you weren’t a singer what would you be doing??

That’s such a tough question as singing and working in ‘entertainment’ is all I’ve really known. I love baking and I’m pretty good at it so I think i’d probably become a baker or something like that.


Dionne can be found on socials Instagram and twitter 


Dionne is featured on Naxxos latest single Animal 



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