Verge Meets: Dan Crossley

Pop music can be a tough game to master, finding the balance between melody and depth is a skill that should not be taken for granted. Dan Crossley is doing just that by capturing the hearts of many with his honest and authentic music that will make you dance and connect you with true emotion, all at the same time! We got to spend some time with him to talk all the ins and outs of being a rising musician, and how he stays true to himself throughout it all.

Tell us more about your journey so far, how did you get into music?

I grew up listening to my dad’s collection of classic vinyls. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin to name a few. I immediately fell in love with music and was always so curious about songwriting. Whilst I was at school I’d skip classes to go into the music rooms to experiment with my songwriting. As I got older I jumped at any chance I could to travel to London from Telford, my hometown, to get into the studio and work with producers. Once I turned 18 I decided to pursue music full time and moved to London permanently, I then found my manger and here we are. 

Your music is full of passion and emotion, tell us about your creative process and how you create your music.

All of my songs definitely come from an honest place, they’re all written from personal experiences. There’s good times and bad, but I tend to take the bad situations and turn it into something I love. 

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder. 

Connecting with your fans must be important to you, how do you do you maintain that relationship?

I’m always at the other end of my messages so I try and answer to anyone and everyone. Me and my fans have a real and personal relationship so if my music connects to you, you completely get me.

It must be hard to pick but what has been your favourite release so far?

I’m really excited about the new music that’s about to come out as it’s the most personal and raw project I’ve written. However when I wrote ‘Feel’ it was about being ok with being down for a while and that’s something that was so important to me at the time and as a first release, I felt like it resonated most because it was so honest.

Your fashion sense is always amazing and we can tell that you love to take risks – do you have a style icon that you look towards?

Thanks! Since I was younger I’d say I’ve always been the person in my circle that would be the most daring and edgy – I love that! Fashion to me is an expression so I wouldn’t say I have ‘an icon’ I dress how I feel and take inspiration from everywhere.

What’s the most important message you would like to send to your fans through your music?

Pain and heartbreak is temporary. If a song of mine simply helps a single person then I’m happy. 

We have to ask, do you have anything exciting coming up?

A lot! I spent all of 2018 putting in the ground work to hopefully smash this upcoming year. I went through a lot and it’s all gone into the new music which is dropping over the course of the next 6 months and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Do you have any advice to anyone looking to start their journey into a music career?

My advice would be to stick to your guns. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self and never apologise for being the artist you are. There are so many ups and downs in this industry, so it’s extremely important to keep a level head and surround yourself with people that have your best interest at heart.

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