Verge Meets: Daina Murel

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Daina is an up and coming musician who has recently released her new EP called ‘CHAPTER 28’. She has over 130k followers on Instagram and 528k subscribers on YouTube. We love Daina’s songs including ‘No We Don’t’ & ‘Baeless’ and ‘Finally ‘, so obviously we jumped at the chance to chat with Daina to get to know more about her and her career.

What made you want to make music?

From a young age I’ve always sung, my dad was a musician and introduced me to a lot of music including my idol Michael Jackson. When I got a little older I felt like I could actually sing so I took it more seriously; singing, acting, and dancing were some things I always just kind of done and don’t even know why.

Out of all the achievements and success you’ve overcome, what’s was the biggest moment in your career?

My biggest moment was performing in Washington DC on the same stage James Brown once performed on, that was a crazy experience and extremely nerve-wracking. I also hated my performance but the fact I was still able to do it was crazy for me.

What was the process of making your single “X” and are there any creative rituals you do when making music? 

For ‘X’ I had purchased the beat from this producer online a whole year or two before X even came out. I was sitting on the beat as well as others for so long and couldn’t come up with something good enough, in my opinion I was having some sort of writer’s block. So I went to my twitter and asked my followers if they knew any dope songwriters in the UK and was forwarded one by the name of August Twelfth, we set up a session then I played him the beats I had and just vibed! He had a way of writing songs that I’d never tried before and we ended up coming up with two songs very quickly and X was one of them. Working with him got me out of my writer’s block phase for sure.

You also make vlogs with your partner while traveling to places around the world, what is the experience like traveling the world?

Amazing, experiencing different cultures is very special to me because I get the most inspiration ever, it also reminds me that the life I live isn’t the be all end all and there are different ways of living all over the world. It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. I hope I can travel the world before I’m old and fragile.

What is the message you want to pass on to your thousands of fans that listen to your music?

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how much time passes you by. You’re never too old and it’s never too late, don’t let people influence you negatively and doubt you. No dream is too big and I mean that, pursue the life you want and believe you will have it, and you will.

Out of all the songs you’ve made, which is your favorite and why?

It was X but right now its ‘Complaining’ because it makes me want to speed down the highway! It just gives me a different type of energy none of my other songs do and I want to explore that side of me some more.

What do you do in your spare time, any hobbies or activities you can’t live without?

I watch a lot of ratchet TV! Love & hip hop etc. I also love playing video games, mainly old school I don’t really have any new games apart from Pokemon and Zelda on my Nintendo switch. But I love the old stuff I have a Nintendo, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation 2 etc classics.

Any collaborations planned?

Not at the moment but I for sure want to collaborate more this year.

Who inspires you the most when making music?

Michael Jackson.

What’s next for you and your sound?

Who knows, I want to be so unpredictable. I decided a few days ago I don’t want a sound…..I want to do it all.

Any advice for any up and coming musicians?

Go with your gut, there have been so many times I’ve second guessed my music because of other opinions. Don’t do that, make music that YOU enjoy listening to and everything else will fall into place.

For all listeners of Spotify & Apple Music, Daina is highly recommended to watch. Check out her YouTube channel & her EP  ‘CHAPTER 28’ on all music platforms. Details below and be sure to subscribe and support the artist for more music content!

Daina’s Music Videos – Official ‘X’ Video:

Daina’s Vlog Series – Official Story Time Video:

Daina’s ‘PAUSE SHOWCASE’ Live Performance Video:

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