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Feeling and looking great whilst working out is key to really keeping those new years resolutions we all set, and there’s only one way to guarantee that you’ll give the gym your best and that’s looking your best! We had the pleasure of having an amazing chat with presenter, blogger and body positivity enthusiast Chessie King, to discuss her incredible new sports clothing line SportFX available at Sports Direct!

Tell us a little about yourself 

I’m a presenter, and I started off using Instagram about two years ago properly and I kind of found my niche which was just helping people. I tried to support younger people and be like an older figure, almost big sister because there are so many younger people that are influenced by social media these days and they’re basing their status on likes and how many people they have following them. I wanted to be the person that they look up to and see that Chessie’s been through this; I share a lot about my skin problems and body confidence. I’ve spoken about everything and hopefully it encourages young people, especially young girls to see that Chessie’s going through it so I can too. I’m just trying to use my platform and spread messages that maybe a smaller charity can’t spread or a brand can’t spread; I’m trying to use Instagram in the most positive way it can be!


Tell us a little bit about your new SportFX range!

The SportFX team and I have been working so hard over the past year, literally hand-drawing it! You know when you try on work-out gear and you’re like “ugh I wish it was a little bit longer” and that’s the thing, I’m a tall girl and I’ve never found work-out gear that makes me feel amazing and comfortable. So I said right, SportFX team, we are going to make a collection that I feel incredible in and hopefully every single woman who wears it will feel like it’s the most comfortable they’ve ever felt. Even now, we’re getting people saying “wow I’ve never felt so amazing in work-out gear, I’m wearing it out of the house and shopping”. It’s a way for me to express my message through clothes- you’re going to feel incredible, you’re going to feel empowered, and hopefully that’s what everyone feels when they’re wearing it. 

You’ve not only got a clothing range, you also have a make-up range as well- tell us a little more about it 

I can’t take all the credit for the make-up range but it’s a part of the SportFX range! It’s for busy people on the go; as Londoners know, we can be running from events to the office and to the gym, and it stays on for the entire day. It’s amazing, it smells incredible and it’s long-lasting – I’ve really struggled with skin problems and it doesn’t make me break out at all so it’s a must buy and a great Christmas present! 

Give us some good reasons why someone should be buying SportsFX 

Not only is it affordable, I made sure with the team that nothing went over £27.99, so it’s a great way to treat yourself after a long year. I would buy it for a partner because everyone wants to feel good in the gym- there’s this vicious cycle of if you don’t feel good in the gym you’re not going to go which will result in you not feeling good; that’s another reason why I wanted it to be up to a size 24 because I wanted girls from all different shapes to feel amazing. I also want us all to be matching, I want a little girl army to be matching and for us all to feel amazing and to take on whatever is thrown at us! 

Check out the full interview with Chessie King on our @Vergemag IGTV! 

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