Verge Meets: Celine Tadrissi of Céla

This week we sat down with Celine Tadrissi, owner of Hammam Spa in Toronto. Celine experienced adult-onset acne and eczema and despite having over twelve years experience in the beauty industry, she struggled to find suitable products which were both effective and natural. So she recently launched Céla – a beautiful range of body care products which promise just that.


From having the most largest independent spa in Toronto to being a mother to three daughters. Can you tell us about your journey as a successful woman?

I am grateful for my career and family! I have found a balance in my life that allows me to feel successful in my work running Hammam Spa and being a mother to three amazing daughters. The key for me has been finding a balance that I try to maintain. I think there is a lot of pressure on women to reach perfection in the work they do and being a mother. Because of this I see so many women always feeling guilty and conflicted between a life balance. We are all so different – I have made it a point to organize my work schedule family life in a manner that works for me and my family. When I am at work I try to focus on what I am doing and be present, when I come home I put my phone away immediately. This practice has been so important because I am actually engaged and focused on my children. My husband and I plan a few evenings a week to have a date with the two of us and most often with our girls. Regardless of what is happening with our work we always schedule regular family vacations to make sure we reinforce our relationship.


I think that confidence for girls and women in their skin and appearance is the key to feeling and looking beautiful


Do you feel like there are a lot of pressures towards women when it comes to beauty and how do you personally deal with it?

Yes, there is a lot of pressure on women when it comes to beauty and appearance. I see social media has opened up all different types and faces of beauty which is great however there is also the new pressure to have a picture perfect skin complexation, make-up and even approach to beauty and the products one likes and uses because we are exposed to such a high volume of content on beauty. I think that confidence for girls and women in their skin and appearance is the key to feeling and looking beautiful. I was a very shy and overweight child and teenager so it took me many years to come to a place of self -acceptance and happiness with my appearance. I personally try to focus on the things I like about myself and not worry about what I cannot change which has allowed me to feel confident and beautiful. I use products that work for my skin and I like opposed to constantly changing to new trends and products that promise unrealistic results.


Your achievements have been astonishing so far, what inspired you to get into the beauty and skin care industry?

I am so grateful to have ended up working in the beauty and skincare industry, I absolutely love it! I went to university to study business and accounting because I assumed this was a responsible area to go into. I was raised by a single mother who always worked at least two jobs so since my early teens I was very realistic about choosing an industry that I thought would lead to a stable career. My personal interest and passion for beauty has been my hobby since I was a child. I used to use my mother’s steam hair curlers to steam my face for at home facials when I was a pre-teen from books I had read lol. I worked for some of the larger beauty brands such as Estee Lauder during my years at school and loved it but did not make to connection to actually being able to have a career in this industry until my husband Antonio and I opened Hammam Spa in 2006. We had a few hard years of learning and getting this business to a stable position and learning about running a spa but I was able to use my education in accounting and business to ensure we operate efficiently. I love it so much it really doesn’t feel like work most of the time. Developing and launching my skincare line Céla is really a dream come true for me on a personal and professional level.


I used to use my mother’s steam hair curlers to steam my face for at home facials when I was a pre-teen from books I had read


For those who have never been, can you explain what living in Canada is like?

Canada is the best country in the world, in my biased opinion! If I were to describe living in Canada it is like being in an amazing family where you are accepted as who you are and encouraged with support to be your best. Canadian nature is breath-taking and has been very inspiring for me. I am 12 generations Canadian but I have always seen Canadians as all nationalities. Growing up my school mates and neighbours were from everywhere around the world which is amazing.


You have mentioned that living in Canada inspired a lot of ideas for your products, what was the process of
creating your products?

Canada has been the driving inspiration for me creating the Céla brand. Canada is a vast country with one of the largest sources of natural resources in the world. Specifically for skincare and beauty products I felt that we have not looked at some of the amazing ingredients that grow in Canada. That is where I started from when developing Céla, looking at plants and ingredients from Canada and I was able to develop the complex of 6 botanical extracts. I hope to see the Canadian beauty industry flourish in the next decade with increasing knowledge on how Canadian ingredients can transform and nourish our skin. Because Canada is such a vast country with tons of diversity I wanted to bring the spa experience to everyone regardless of where they are located. Céla was created to share my loved beauty experiences and the amazing benefits of Canadian nature with everyone regardless of where they are located.


The Céla brand is known for being huge advocates of all natural products, how important is nature and using your environment as inspiration?

It is key to connecting to the products we use and even the food we eat. More and more people are aware of what is in our food and the products we put on our skin. I love seeing this awareness because I think it is part of our experience and history as humans.


I do not use an excessive amount of products and I stick to my daily routine.


Are there any other places around the world that you draw inspiration from?

I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas everywhere I go. I travel a lot so I am constantly being inspired and getting a fresh look on products, old beauty rituals and new trends. Because I personally love and I am interested in all aspects of the beauty and wellness industry it is effortless for me to always be on the lookout for what is happening in other places. I loved my experience in Turkey, I was able to visit some of the original Hammam’s and see how this ritual has been practiced for centuries. I also have been inspired by many Asian cultures I have visited. I have been to some traditional Korean spas and love seeing generations of women loving and caring for their skin.


Do you have a favourite product within the Céla brand?

I personally use the Essential Balm all the time. I had been dreaming about creating this product for years and I am very happy with the final formulation (I think I changed it a few dozen times in the last few years!). I always have this in my bag and use in my hair, all over my skin, my nails, etc. Being away with my kids the last few weeks it has been a life saver to use on them with bug bits and dry after sun skin and hair.


Can you walk us through your daily beauty routine?

I derive so much pleasure and relaxation from my beauty routine I look forward to having this time to myself every day. For me the sensorial experience is so important. For years from operating a spa and seeing hundreds of treatments every week and from my own experience, I truly believe a simple daily ritual of exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising is the key. I do not use an excessive amount of products and I stick to my daily routine. I exfoliate my face and body daily followed by a serum on my face and moisturiser on face and body. I do this in the morning and evening. I am a big fan of facial mists so I often re fresh mid-day with a mist.


What’s next for Céla? Are there any other exciting products on the way?

Yes, Céla will be launching the facial moisturiser which I have been working on for years. This is an amazing gel moisturiser which can be used on all skin types. The key ingredients is the Céla complex of 6 Canadian extracts (blueberry, elderberry, lavender, juniper berry, rosemary and evening primrose) along with Infaguard a complex which protects against the damaging effects of blue light.


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